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myWW SuperBowl Menu

It's Game Day what are you going to serve that is healthy and delicious? myWW Superbowl menu has you covered. We have appetizers, main courses, and desserts ready to go. Take your pick.

This is Our Year to Get it Done 🙂

myWW SuperBowl Menu

No matter if you are a San Francisco fan or you want Kansas City to win, Enjoy the day and stay on track with these perfect recipe ideas. Keep in mind that this is the biggest pizza day in the U.S. It is also the day the most chips and salsa will be consumed. Be mindful of what you are eating so you don't regret your decisions tomorrow.

What is Your Plan for the SuperBowl?

Speaking of the day after the SuperBowl. Antacids sales go up 20-30 percent on the day after, to avoid becoming a statistic and having to rush out to find relief plan ahead this season and stay ahead of the game.

Setting the right menu is the best way to avoid breaking your New Year's Resolutions and the best way to stay on track. Having a meal plan ahead of time is the key to success.

How do You Start Off Your Day?

I love starting the day off with cinnamon rolls. I can't think of a better way to wake the family up than to the smell of cinnamon rolls in the oven. Now I only make these for special occasions but hey, they taste great and are lower in points than store-bought cinnamon rolls 🙂 I start my day with a little meditation and a little walk to clear my head and get my thoughts together for the day. Afterward, I shower and get the day underway.

Today, SuperBowl Sunday, I will not only be cooking for the game but I am meal prepping for the week. I want to make sure I stay on track and keep moving my weight loss in the right direction. That means planning ahead and making sure we stay on track.


Main Courses


The best video and the recipe I have found for cauliflower crust pizza 🙂 Thank you to the VA for sharing this video. Make sure to check out their recipe playbook for more great ideas.

How to Be Successful on myWW

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Let us know in the comments which ones you make and how they turned out.

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