never give up: a weight watchers poem by kevin smiley
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Never Give Up: An Encouraging Poem

Never Give Up: A Motivational Poem

I awoke this morning after a fitful slumber,
and I begin to wonder,
The doctor said, after a spell, “you are just not well”.
He said I had to lose weight, before its too late,
your systems are starting to fail.

So to SmileyPoints I ran, I needed a plan, to get
me back in shape
I have tried to diet, I have tried to fight it, I have tried
but it just didn't work.

My first online meeting, while I was eating,
just didn't work for me.
So face to face, with a leader and all, and now the
weight begins to fall.

I'm down 5 and then down 10, and now a plateau
puts me into a spin.
I fall off and go up 15, but I am determined to live my dream.
Back to the meetings and now I am down 20, I have
eaten fruits and salads aplenty.

Another plateau but I have a ways to go. I start walking
and wouldn't you know.
The leader was right, a little walking just might be,
what I need to lose indeed.

I ate breads and meats, protein shakes, and beets,
I ate pie and cake and counted the points each week
I weighed in and sometimes didn't lose at all
Posts like this helped me get through fall

I never gave up, 3 years in, I hit lifetime
what a journey it's been.
I tell my story to all who listen to help with their ups and downs,
I have been there before, I will help turn you around, just
Don't Give Up!!

I won't give up on you. Don't give up on yourself.
When you make a plan and have a support system you will succeed.
I hope this helps all who read this to NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

by: Kevin Smiley
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  1. I’ve been checking out your site for sometime- and really appreciate your encouraging words! As we look at ww changes, I found the video of Mel on your site. Boy, she can make ya think too! I’m now looking forward to tomorrow’s new plan – with my new 5 4 3 2 1 approach to it. Thanks Kevin

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