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Green Plan Zero Point Food List With Serving Sizes, Calories, and Carbs

As I've said many times, Zero Points does not equal zero carbs or zero calories. On any Weight Watchers plan, we must take the Zero Point foods into consideration without going overboard. Build your meals around Zero Point foods by all means, but don't load up on high-carb, high-calorie foods that are Zero Points, then spend all of your points on even more high-carb, high-calorie foods. That would be a recipe for disaster.

myww zero point list green plan
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Green Plan Zero Point Food List

The myWW Green Plan offers you the most Daily Points but the least Zero Point foods.

This plan is perfect for:

  • diabetics (see a post about the Green Plan and Diabetes here)
  • carbaholics
  • those who need portion control* (that's me!)
  • anyone who the myWW Blue (or Purple) plans didn't work for

*We all need portion control, so hopefully, you've downloaded my portion control printable.

myWW Green Plan Zero Point Foods

Starting with the Fruits I am going to tackle giving you all of the necessary information so you can make an informed decision about what to eat and how much on the zero point list.

Oh How I Love My Fruit
Zero Point FruitServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Apples1 small apple5213.8 2.4
Applesauce, unsweetened4 ounces60153
Banana1 medium110303
Blackberries1 cup6213.87.6
Blueberries1 cup8421.453.6
Cantaloupe1 cup53131.4
Cherries1 cup97253
Cranberries (fresh)1 cup4612.24.6
Cucumbers1 cup with peel162.6
Dragon fruit1136297
Zero Point Fruit Serving SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Figs (fresh)1 large raw475.45.43
Frozen mixed berries (unsweetened)1 cup70175
Fruit Cocktail (unsweetened)1/2 cup40101
Fruit Salad (unsweetened)1 salad8822.62.8
Grapes (red or green)1 cup10427.31.4
Guava medium6814.325.4
Honeydew1 cup64161.4
Mangoes1 cup sliced9924.72.6
Nectarines1 medium62 152.4
Okra1 cup3373
Oranges1 medium80193
Papayas1 medium120305
Zero Point Fruit Serving SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Peaches1 medium50152
Pears1 medium101276
Persimmons1 fruit31.88.40
Pickles, unsweetened1 small spear4.8.3
Pineapple1 cup 8221.652.3
Pumpkin1 cup4912.012.7
Raspberries1 cup64158
Summer Squash1 cup chopped19.84.21.4
Strawberries1 cup49123
Tangerine1 small4091.3
Tomatillos 1/2 cup diced213.91.3
Tomatoes Puree (Canned)1 cup9522.44.8
Tomatoes1 small183.91.2
Watermelon1 cup307.6.4


The vegetables are a plenty but beware of the starchy ones ๐Ÿ™‚ On to the veggies in my opinion these are the best items to use as add-ins or add ons to any meal. The amount of nutrition veggies give us is unparalelled.

Have to love the Veggies
VegetableServing SizesCaloriesCarbsFiber
Acorn Squash1 cup11529.99.0
Artichoke Hearts1 medium63.614.310.3
Artichokes1 medium63.614.310.3
Arugula1/2 cup2.5.4.2
Asparagus1 cup26.85.32.8
Baby Corn1/2 cup25.35.6.6
Bamboo Shoots1 cup24.94.31.8
Basil2 Tbsp1.2.1.1
Beets1 cup 58.513.03.8
Beet Greens1 Cup chopped38.887.84.18
Bibb Lettuce1 cup
Bok Choy1 cup20.43.11.7
VegetableServing SizesCaloriesCarbsFiber
Broccoli1 cup30.91.21.1
Broccoli Rabe1 cup8.814.310.3
Broccoli Slaw3 ounces2552
Brussel Sprouts1 cup37.87.93.3
Butter Lettuce1 cup7.21.2.6
Butternut Squash1 cup6316.42.8
Cabbage1 cup chopped22.25.22.2
Canned Pimientos1 cup44.29.83.6
Celery1 cup chopped16.23.51.6
Carrots1 cup chopped52.512.33.6
Cauliflower1 cup florets255.32.5
Cauliflower Rice1 cup255.32.5
Chives1 tbsp .9.5.1
Fresh Veggies
VegetableServing SizesCaloriesCarbsFiber
Cilantro (fresh)1/4 cup .9.1.1
Coleslaw Mix (Taylor Farms)3 ounces2052
Collard Greens1 cup chopped10.82.01.3
Cucumber1 cup with peel162.6
Eggplant1 cup32.78.12.5
Endive1/2 cup chopped4.3.8.8
Escarole1/2 cup1072111
Fennel1 Tbsp19.832.3
Frozen stir fry vegetables3 ounces4082
Garlic1 cup florets41.79.3.6
Ginger1 Tbsp183.7.7
Green leaf Lettuce1 cup shredded5.41.5
Hearts of Palm1 ounce32.27.2.4
Iceberg Lettuce1 cup shredded10.12.3.9
VegetableServing SizesCaloriesCarbsFiber
Jicama1 medium388.824.9
Kale1 cup chopped33.56.72.5
Kohlrabi1 cup sliced47.811.01.8
Leeks1 head32.78.12.5
Mint2 Tbsp2.48.3
Mixed Greens (Spring Mix)3 ounces244.41.7
Mushrooms Portabello1 cup22.44.41.3
Mushrooms white1 cup15.42.3.7
Mustard Greens1 cup chopped14.62.71.8
Napa Cabbage1 cup 13.12.42
Nori26 grams91.3.1
Oakleaf Lettuce1 cup shredded51.5
Okra1 cup 3373
VegetableServing SizesCaloriesCarbsFiber
Onions1 medium4410.31.9
Oregano1 tsp3.1.6.4
Parsley1 Tbsp4.1.8.5
Pea Shoots1 cup4083
Peppers (green)1 cup chopped29.86.92.5
Pickles (unsweetened)1 medium11.72.7.8
Pico de Gallo1/4 cup1121
Radishes1 cup
Red Leaf Lettuce1 cup shredded4.5.6.3
Romaine1 cup shredded81.51
Rutabaga1 cup50.411.43.5
Salsa (Fat-Free)2 Tbsp1020
Sauerkraut1 cup31.26.23.6
Scallions1 cup 327.32.6
Shallots1 tablespoon 7.21.7>.1
Getting Hungry ๐Ÿ™‚
VegetableServing SizesCaloriesCarbsFiber
Spaghetti Squash1 cup cubed31.370
Spinach (chopped)1 cup
String Beans1 cup
Summer Squash1 cup sliced18.13.81.2
Swiss Chard1 cup chopped6.81.3.6
Tarragon1 tsp1.5.30
Thyme1 tsp2.8.6.4
Turnips1 cup cubed36.48.42.3
Water Chestnuts3.5 ounces9723.93
Wax Beans (drained)ยฝ cup1531
Zucchini1 cup 1731

And there you have it. I hope this helps you have a better handle on the zero point foods. Don't forget the printable for your fridge or purse ๐Ÿ™‚

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