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myWW Purple Plan Zero Point Food List With Serving Sizes, Calories, and Carbs

Woo hoo! The myWW Purple Plan is HERE! And the plan has more than 300 Zero Point foods? WHAT?! This is great… but not so fast: Zero Points does NOT equal zero carbs or calories. What does that mean? It means we need to watch how much and how many of these foods we are eating, or we may not have success with Weight Watchers.

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myWW Purple Plan Zero Point Food List With Serving Sizes, Calories, and Carbs

These Zero Point foods are the base of many of my meals. I always watch my portions (grab my portions cheat sheet) and I keep carb count in mind. Carbs are not my friend! I don't do Keto, and though you can do Keto Weight Watchers, I do low to mid carbs.

Note: 99% of the data in this sheet comes from a great resource for tracking all of the nutritional information in the foods you eat 🙂 If you see a mistake, email me at smileyspoints AT

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Beans and Legumes

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BeansServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Adzuki beans1 cup2945716.8
Alfalfa sprouts1 cup7.6.7.6
Bean sprouts1 cup31.26.21.9
Black Beans1 cup22740.815
Black-eyed peas ¾ cup2003611
Cannellini beans1 cup29653.613.4
Chickpeas1 cup75612134.8
Edamame1 cup13011.55.7
Fava beans1 cup11122.20
Great Northern Beans1 cup62011437.0
Hominy1 cup119244.1
Kidney Beans1 cup21541.113.6
Lentils1 cup67811558.6
Lima beans1 cup19035.911.6
Lupini beans1 cup19816.44.6
Navy beans1 cup29653.613.4
Pinto beans1 cup20636.611.0
Refried beans1 cup18232.210.9
Soybeans1 cup25419.97.6

Chicken and Turkey Breast

MeatServing SizeCaloriesCarbsProtein
Ground Chicken Breast4 ounces170025
Ground Turkey 98% fat-free4 ounces120026
Ground turkey breast4 ounces170021
Skinless chicken breast4 ounces130027.2
Skinless turkey breast4 ounces123027.3

Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

Purple Zero Point. List
Yummy Yogurt
DairyServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Cottage Cheese plain non-fat1 cup1049.715
Greek yogurt plain non-fat1 cup220923
Quark, plain up to 1% fat1 cup1739.80
Soy yogurt, plain1 cup15022.9


EggServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Egg substitute liquid4 ounces84.612
Egg whites1 large15.8.23.6
Egg yolks1 large53.9.62.7
Eggs1 extra-large80.47.0 protein

Fish and Shellfish

FishServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Abalone3 ounces89.35.10
Alaskan king crab1 leg14400
anchovies3 ounces11100
Arctic char8 ounces46800
Bluefish5 ounces18600
Canned tuna in water1 cup17900
carp7 ounces27700
Catfish5 ½ ounces21500
Caviar1 tablespoon40.3.60
Clams1 cup1685.80
Cod Atlantic8 ounces18900
Cod Pacific4 ounces95.100
Crabmeat lump1 cup13400
Crayfish3 ounces61.200
Cuttlefish3 ounces67.2.70
Dungeness Crab3 ounces73.1.60
Eel7 ounces37500
Fish roe1 tablespoon20.20
Flounder6 ounces14800
Grouper9 ounces23800
Haddock7 ounces16800
Halibut7 ounces22400
Herring6.5 ounces29100
Lobster1 whole135.70
Mahi Mahi7 ounces17300
Monkfish3 ounces64.600
Mussels1 cup1295.50
Octopus3 ounces69.71.90
Orange Roughy3 ounces64.600
Oyster1 medium402.50
Perch2 ounces54.600
Pike5.5 ounces14800
Pollock7 ounces17800
Pompano4 ounces18400
Salmon3 ounces175.20
Sardines, canned in water or sauce 3 ounces166.7.1
Sashimi4 ounces14010
FishServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Scallops3 ounces74.82.00
Sea Bass4.5 ounces12500
Sea Cucumber1 ounce15.700
Sea Urchin3 ounces10230
Shrimp4 large29.7.30
Smelt3 ounces82.500
Smoked haddock3 ounces98.600
Smoked Salmon1 cup15900
Smoked sturgeon3 ounces14700
Smoked trout3 ounces14400
Smoked whitefish1 cup14700
Snails1 ounce25.2.60
Snapper7 ounces21800
Sole6 ounces14800
Squid3 ounces78.22.60
Steelhead Trout4 ounces15900
Striped Bass5.5 ounces15400
Sturgeon3 ounces89.300
Swordfish5 ounces16500
Tilapia4 ounces9600
Trout3 ounces11700
FishServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Tuna 1 can in water19100
Turbot7 ounces19400
Wahoo8 ounces35600
Whitefish7 ounces26500


FruitServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Apples1 large11630.85.4
Applesauce (unsweetened)1 cup10227.52.7
Apricots1 cup74.417.43.1
Bananas1 medium10527.03.1
Blackberries1 cup61.914.77.6
Blueberries1 cup84.421.43.6
Cantaloupe1 cup60.215.61.6
Cherries1 cup86.922.12.9
Clementines1 fruit34.88.91.3
Cranberries (fresh)1 cup50.613.45.1
Dragonfruit1 fruit61153
Figs (fresh)1 large47.412.31.9
Frozen mixed berries (unsweetened)1 cup65155.6
Fruit cocktail (unsweetened)4 ounces40111
Grapefruit½ fruit51.713.12.0
FruitServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Grapes1 cup6115.8.8
Guava1 cup11223.68.9
Honeydew 1 cup63.716.11.4
Kiwi1 large fruit55.513.32.7
Kumquats1 fruit13.53.01.2
Lemons1 fruit21.611.65.1
Limes1 fruit20.17.11.9
Mangoes1 cup sliced10728.13.0
Nectarines1 large68.616.52.7
Oranges1 fruit69.417.43.6
Papayas1 large14837.36.8
Peaches1 large68.317.32.6
Pears1 small85.822.94.6
Persimmons1 fruit31.88.40
Pineapples1 cup 82.521.62.3
FruitServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Plums1 fruit30.47.5.9
Pomegranates1 fruit23452.711.3
Pomelo1 cup72.218.31.9
Raspberries1 cup64.014.78.0
Star Fruit1 large38.48.43.5
Strawberries1 cup halves48.611.073.0
Tangerines1 large63.616.02.2
Watermelon1 cup balls46.211.6.6

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

PotatoesServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Baby Potatoes1 cup67.915.71.4
Baked Potatoes1 large27863.26.6
Baked sweet potatoes1 cup18041.46.6
Canned sweet potatoes (unsweetened)7 ounces20046.12.49
Cassava1 cup33078.43.7
Fingerling Potatoes1 cup148343.1
Frozen potatoes1 cup14231.82.2
Idaho potatoes1 cup diced113262.7
Japanese sweet potatoes1 medium264634.6
Mashed potatoes plain1 cup237363.2
New potatoes⅔ cup8720.11.8
Oven-roasted potato wedges without oil10 pieces275363.3
Oven-roasted sweet potato fries without oil1 cup18041.46.6
Purple potatoes3.5 ounces87203.3
Red potatoes

PotatoesServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Roasted Potatoes without oil1 potato26658.65.4
Roasted sweet potatoes without oil1 large16237.35.9
Russet potatoes1 medium16838.52.8
Sweet potatoes1 potato11226.23.9
Taro1 cup11627.54.3
White potatoes1 large25562.98.9
Yams1 cup cubed17741.86.1
Yellow Potatoes⅔ cup8720.11.8
Yucca1 cup33078.43.7
Yukon gold Potatoes1 medium164395


TofuServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Firm tofu½ cup1835.42.9
Silken tofu3 ounces62.02.4.1
Smoked Tofu3 ounces14021
Soft tofu1 cup1514.5.5
Tempeh1 cup32015.60

Vegetables (Starchy)

VegetableServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Canned Corn1 cup13330.83.1
Corn1 ear58.614.11.8
Green Peas1 cup11721.07.4
Parsnips1 cup99.723.96.5
Peas1 cup11721.07.4
Split Peas3 ounces34160.425.5
Succotash3 ounces9919.63.8

Vegetables (non-starchy)

Vegetables (non starchyServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Acorn squash3 ounces4010.41.5
Artichoke hearts no oil1 medium63.614.310.3
Artichokes1 medium63.614.310.3
Arugula½ cup2.5.4.2
Asparagus1 cup26.85.32.8
Baby corn½ cup25.35.6.6
Bamboo shoots1 cup24.94.31.8
Basil2 Tbsp1.2.1.1
Beet Greens1 cup chopped38.87.84.18
Beets1 cup58.513.03.8
Bok Choy1 cup20.43.11.7
Broccoli1 cup30.91.21.1
Broccoli rabe1 cup8.814.310.3
Broccoli slaw3 ounces2552
VegetableServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Brussels sprouts1 cup37.87.93.3
Butter Bibb Lettuce1 cup7.21.2.6
Butternut Squash1 cup6316.42.8
Cabbage1 cup chopped22.25.22.2
Canned pimientos1 cup
Carrots1 cup chopped52.212.33.6
Cauliflower1 cup florets255.32.5
Cauliflower Rice1 cup 255.32.5
Celery1 cup chopped16.23.51.6
Chives1 Tbsp.9.5.1
Cilantro¼ cup.9.1.1
Coleslaw mix3 ounces Taylor Farms2052
Collard Greens1 cup chopped10.82.01.3
Cucumber1 cup peeled162.6
VegetableServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Eggplant1 cup32.78.12.5
Endive1/2 cup chopped4.3.8.8
Escarole½ cup1072111
Fennel1 Tbsp19.832.3
Frozen stir fry vegetables3 ounces4082
Garlic1 cup florets41.79.3.6
Ginger1 Tbsp183.7.7
Green leaf lettuce1 cup shredded5.41.5
Hearts of Palm1 ounce32.27.2.4
Iceberg lettuce1 cup shredded10.12.3.9
Jicama1 medium388.824.9
Kale1 cup chopped33.56.72.5
Kohlrabi1 cup sliced47.811.01.8
Leeks1 head32.78.12.5
VegetableServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Mint2 Tbsp2.48.3
Mixed greens3 ounces244.41.7
Mushrooms Portabello1 cup22.44.41.3
Mushrooms white1 cup15.42.3.7
Mustard greens1 cup chopped14.62.71.8
Napa Cabbage1 cup13.12.42
Nori26 grams91.3.1
Oakleaf lettuce1 cup shredded51.5
Okra1 cup3373
Onions1 medium4410.31.9
Oregano1 tsp3.1.6.4
Parsley1 Tbsp4.1.8.5
Pea Shoots1 cup4083
Peppers (green)1 cup chopped29.86.92.5
Pickles (unsweetened)1 medium11.72.7.8
VegetableServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Pico de gallo¼ cup1121
Pumpkin1 cup4912.012.7
Pumpkin puree1 cup83.319.87.1
Radishes1 cup18.64.01.9
Red leaf Lettuce1 cup4.5.6.3
Romaine Lettuce1 cup shredded4.5.6.3
Rosemary1 Tbsp2.3.2
Rutabaga1 cup50.411.43.5
Salsa fat-free2 Tbsp1020
Sauerkraut1 cup327.32.6
Scallions1 cup327.32.6
Shallots1 tablespoon7.21.7>.1
Spaghetti Squash1 cup cubed31.370
Spinach1 cup chopped6.91.1.7
VegetablesServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
String Beans1 cup34.17.83.7
Summer Squash1 cup sliced18.13.81.2
Swiss Chard1 cup chopped6.81.3.6
Tarragon1 tsp1.5.30
Thyme1 tsp2.8.6.4
Tomatillos1 medium10.92.0.6
Tomato puree canned1 cup9522.54.8
Tomato sauce Canned1 cup58.814.13.7
Tomatoes1 plum11.22.4.7
Turnips1 cup cubed36.48.42.3
Water chestnuts3.5 ounces9723.93
Wax beans ½ cup1531
Zucchini1 cup1731

Whole Wheat Pasta and Grains

Pasta and GrainsServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Air popped popcorn no oil or sugar1 cup316.21.2
Air popped popcorn with salt or spices1 cup316.21.2
Amaranth1 cup71612712.9
Ancient grain mix,no seeds1 cup251465
Barley, pearled1 cup70415531.2
Black bean pasta2 ounces212287.4
Brown basmati rice¼ cup180404
Brown rice1 cup6851436.5
Brown rice cereal 100%1 cup12427.52.3
Brown rice noodles1 cup491121.7
Brown rice pasta1 cup4911217
Pasta and GrainsServing sizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Brown rice -quinoa blend1 cup220432
Buckwheat1 cup58312217
Buckwheat soba noodles6 ounces249.9522
Bulgur1 cup47910625.6
Chickpea pasta2 ounces190328
Corn pasta1 cup17639.16.7
Edamame pasta4 ounces4204422
Farro¼ cup140303
Freekeh¼ cup130284
Instant brown rice1 cup21644.83.5
Instant oatmeal plain1 cup15929.34
Pasta and GrainsServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFiber
Kamut4 ounce33770.49.1
Kasha1 cup34674.910.3
Lentil pasta (red)2 ounces180346
Millet4 ounces37872.98.5
Oatmeal plain⅓ cup10218.62.7
Oats1/3 cup10218.62.7
Pea pasta¾ cup 190305
Popcorn kernels for at home popping1 ounce10520.83.6
Quick-cooking regular oats⅓ cup10218.62.7
Quick-cooking steel-cut oats¼ cup170284
Quinoa3.5 ounces36864.27.0
Pasta and GrainsServing SizecaloriesCarbsFiber
Quinoa pasta 1 cup226464.9
Red quinoa 1 cup222405
Rolled oats 1 cup30755.98.2
Rye berries 1 cup55611824.7
Shirataki  noodles4 ounces1033
Sorghum1 cup65114312.1
Soybean pasta2 ounces212287.4
Spelt4 ounces33871.410.7
Spelt berries1 cup246517.6
Steel-cut oats½ cup170284
Teff½ cup35470.67.7
Pasta and GrainsServing SizeCaloriescarbsFiber
Thai brown rice3.5 ounces320644
Tri-color quinoa1 cup12021.32.8
Wheat berries3.5 ounces3296812.2
Whole-grain pasta1 cup17437.26.3
Whole-grain sorghum1 cup65114312.1
Whole-wheat couscous1 cup6511348.7
Whole-wheat pasta1 cup17437.26.3
Wild-Rice1 cup5711209.9
Wild rice-brown rice blend3.5101212

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  1. I am very confused when it come to peanuts. It is a legume and I love them. I would like to know can I have a 1/2 cup like beans on the purple plan. We are talking the same calories and the studies say that they do not put on weight when on a calorie counting diet which I can do on the purple plan. What is your view?

    1. Peanuts are actually higher in protein content than Black beans and lower in Carbohydrates. I do not know why myWW has them at 13 points per 1/2 cup and black beans are zero on Purple. I think the idea is you are more likely to overeat peanuts than black beans. Legumes, in general, tend to be high in carbs but your ability to overeat peanuts versus the other legumes may be the answer as to why there is such a difference. If you personally do not have an issue with portion control I would say eating 1/2 a cup of peanuts is fine. Remember this is just my opinion. Have an awesome day and stay safe.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work and effort. I’m leaving WW as I can’t get a grip on the new plan. Even though they make “ allowances for eating your vegs… if I use my extra points I gain weight. No more Purple. But I purchased their free style and several other WW cookbooks to keep me focused and I believe your hard work here will be a great help for me. .

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