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2022 myWW Weight Watchers Plan Changes

Update 11/2/22 – There is a 2023 ww plan!!

The Weight Watchers 2022 plan is coming!! This isn't a surprise, right? Weight Watchers changes their plan every two years or so. Right now, everything is speculation – but there are clinical trials taking place right now, so knowing that people are testing out the programs tells us changes ARE coming! The ww changes 2022 all seem positive so far… we are excited!

UPDATE 11/11/21 scroll to the bottom for the NEWEST UPDATES on this program!

“Healthi formerly iTrackbites is an alternative to Weight Watchers. “

Weight Watchers 2022 Changes

Ch..ch..changeesssss! Are you ready to see what Weight Watchers has in store for their members?

weight watchers 2022 changes

Weight Watchers rebranded to myWW and attempted to become a wellness program. They lost a lot of folks with the rebrand, to competitors like iTrackBites and to those who love Keto because Weight Watchers has always been against fats… even healthy ones! They also lots many loyal followers, like us, due to their blatant repeated racism.

Introducing a more customizable program, including a diabetic-friendly plan! Want to eat healthy fats and reduce sugar? Rumor has it, that's what's coming down the pike.

Weight Watchers Healthy Snacks

It's being said that myWW is going to beef up their snack line. While these are convenience foods and it's much better to eat healthy whole foods, it will be nice to have more options. Are they going to improve their packaged foods, or are they just going to put a new name on them? Only time will tell.

WW Personal Points

We learned the new name is most likely going to be called WW Personal Points, because myWW trademarked that name in June of this year.. What we are hearing is that the program will be more personalized for each individual, instead of just one plan (or even three plans) for everyone.

We are very interested to see what the new changes are and how “individual” the options will be. Will it include vegetarian and vegan options? Will they stick with leaning more towards whole, clean foods?

The new WW app

If you haven't used the new Weight Watchers app in a while, you'll notice some new things such as tracking challenges, meditations, fitness, and more. Major props to Weight Watchers for continuing to improve the program for their users.

New Weight Watchers management

Mindy is stepping down at the beginning of 2022 as the Weight Watchers CEO and President.

Oprah has extended her contract with Weight Watchers/myWW+ to 2025.

We are interested to see what these things mean for Weight Watchers and moving forward in 2022 and beyond.

Feeling nervous or anxious about the new changes?

It's understandable to be nervous about a new Weight Watchers plan!

Dee explained her hesitancy with new plans in the past, and how she has lost weight with every plan she has tried. This video was super inspiring for us!

She gets real about how she loved PointsPlus (we did, too!) but also how we were able to eat more “crap” food on those plans. Holding yourself accountable with zero point foods is important! Watch the video on one of our fav channels, Dish With Dee:

As Dee mentions in the video, iTrackBites has your back. Your plan will always be available, for far less money, with no hassle.

What about WW meetings?

Because of the pandemic, most WW meetings went virtual and 90% of Weight Watchers members are digital. That's a HUGE amount of people who are only digital! myWW is planning to return to in-person workshops as soon as they can, as everything begins to open up again.

The live/virtual Oprah Winfrey experiences have given myWW the push they needed to stay alive during the pandemic. These will continue into 2022.

Are zero point foods disappearing?

We know y'all remember the 2021 WW Changes and also the 2020 WW Plans, they really shook things up (in a good way!). Getting rid of zero point foods would be SUPER disappointing, so we really hope they don't! We love our zero point foods. In case they do go away, you can always bookmark the zero point lists:

Remember: you are in control of your plan! If you don't like the new plan, that's okay. Give it the good ol' college try, but if it's not working, you have these plans to fall back on. We will always have them on our blog! Our recipes also ALL have blue, green, and purple points as well as all 6 Healthi formerly iTrackbites plans for BITES. That means no matter how the plans change, you'll always have access to your favorite plan here on Smiley's Points.

Barrett Pastor spills the tea in her latest video!

Wonder how many points eating crow is? myWW has been anti-fat for decades… now they're going to add in some healthy fat options? Hmmm… can't wait to find out! Bookmark this post and stay up to date in the LARGEST WW/iTrackBites group on the web.

When will the new Weight Watchers plan launch?

The new WW program will be rolled out November 11, 2021. Some people are already seeing changes on their app.

Weight Watchers for Life

We love that myWW is a plan you can stick with for life. It isn't just about weight loss; it's about making healthier food choices and taking control of YOUR life.

P.S. The real question is, how many points will all this alcohol be?! 😂

2022 Weight Watchers Plan Details

The day finally arrived where we can see what this plan is all about, and our intel was pretty spot on!! 🙂 I (Sadie) am doing this assessment because Kevin is currently stranded in Arizona after a tire blow out! 🙁 But, no time to waste… changes are here! 🙂

When you go to the WW website you will see all about the PersonalPoints™ program. Start by taking the quiz.

WW Personal Points Assessment

weight watchers 2022: how to do you generally feel? take the quiz

These questions make me think the WW plan will truly be more personalized than the previous plans. It IS frustrating that they keep changing the plans because we spend hours calculating points and then we have to redo it all… but let's hope this plan is the BEST ONE YET.

2022 weight watchers personal points plan details

Next, they ask for your height, gender, and weight:

personal points myww

What is your reason? What is your WHY?

I selected them all!!

weight watchers 2022

Going into this, how do you feel? Are you worried about struggling again? Are you fired up and ready to go? Be honest!!

how to do weight watchers for free til 2022

Weight Watchers has confidence in me even if I don't have confidence in myself yet! Woo!

weight watchers plan 2022 help with stress eating

And then they asked a question about portion control… whew.

weight watchers portion control

Portion control is VERY difficult for me. I will go hours and hours without eating, and then BAM… two bowls of cereal at 8PM. Whyyyyy???

weight watchers changes

Guilty as charged with this next one.

weight watchers changes 2022

Yes, we have way too many sweets in the house. We usually do really well for a few weeks and then my period rolls around and BAM I have Kevin buy two dozen cookies from Costco. And guess who EATS two dozen cookies? Sigh.

staying on track weight watchers

Sometimes when I'm bored I guess, but mostly when I'm stressed, is when I dive into that junk food. They only allow ONE option to be chosen here.

weight watchers free

I love the little encouraging messages throughout the assessment! This next part, some of you aren't going to like. Any time I try to talk about exercise in the WW groups, it's like “noooo!!!” – but I love to exercise and with my job, I sit all day. I am excited to start moving more.

weight watchers exercise: on a typical day, how much time do you send sitting?

Since moving to Mexico, I've gotten 5K or more steps a day on a regular basis. Before, I was lucky to get 1-2K. Slowly but surely I'm working on getting my steps up. Chronic health issues have kept me down for too long. I'm fighting my way out.

exercise weight watchers

I love exercising and I used to do 5Ks, half marathons, etc. I love strength training but I have gotten weak since spending 2.5 years off and on in the hospital.

myww personal points

The question before this (I forgot to take a screenshot) was about how much I move. I said 0-1 days a week, and 15 minutes a day because that was the lowest option, I think. Then they said great job on finding the time to move LOL. I have NOT made the time to move, but I'm EXCITED about audio and video workouts and fitness challenges!

I may sign up for WW again just for these perks.

Next, the WW assessment asks about sleep.

personal points 2022 assessment

I don't sleep a whole lot at night but I do take a nap during the day if I'm tired. I don't need as much sleep as I used to. I spent the past few years sleeping in a hospital bed far too often. Now I'm excited to get up and work!

ww personal points plan assessment

Sleep is a crucial piece of the weight loss puzzle. If you notice your weight loss is stalling, and you're counting your points, drinking enough water, and overall staying on track, look at your sleep patterns!

ww assessment

For me, sleep is not an issue. I go to sleep when I feel tired, and I wake up when I wake up. Since my thyroidectomy, I've woken up around 4AM every morning, with very few exceptions. I go to bed early, usually around 8PM, because even if I stay up past midnight I still wake up at 4AM! No thank you.

weight watchers sleep tracker

Learning your sleep patterns and what your body needs is important, so I'm glad WW is now including that in their assessment. AND they're including a sleep tracker? Awesome!!

take weight watchers assessment

Last but certainly not least, the Weight Watchers assessment covers WELLNESS.

new weight watchers plan

This is tough because when I get off track I think, “screw it… what's the point? Might as well eat five more cookies!” but… I know that isn't the right way.

weight watchers diabetic plan

Sometimes I'll go to the opposite end of the spectrum and PROMISE myself I won't screw up again, but usually I'm like “what's the point?” – this also comes from when I DO try, I still don't lose much weight because of having no thyroid, and my thyroid meds STILL not being situated 2.5 years after my thyroidectomy.

personal points diabetic weight watchers

For me, wellness definitely means IN BALANCE. I know I won't always feel strong, energized, resilient, or even focused… but in balance? Yes, THAT is what I'd like to achieve.

weight watchers assessment

If I'm being honest, I remember the times I mess up FAR more often than the times I succeed. The key with this assessment is honesty. Nobody else will see your answers. Well, unless you copy my idea and make a blog post like this. 😉

new weight watchers plan 2022

My answer here is a mix of the bottom two, but they only let you choose one. I feel like my weight does hold me back but it's also due to my chronic health issues. So it's a mix for me, but I do try to work through it when I am physically capable of doing so.

On the next screen, they ask for your email and then they send you info about the PersonalPoints™ program. Unfortunately, I never got an email so I have no idea which plan has been chosen for me or how to move forward.

Click to take the WW assessment yourself, and cross your fingers that they email you.

weight watchers 2022 plan

Weight Watchers has some BIG promises they are promoting!!

weight watchers new zero point food list
  • Completely customized PersonalPoints™ Budget and individualized ZeroPoint™ foods list
  • Barcode scanner for easy shopping
  • Barcode scanner for easy shopping
  • Restaurant database and 10,500+ recipe ideas

I'm most excited about the customized points budget and zero point food list. Those are super awesome.

weight watchers classpass

I am hopeful that Weight Watchers can get me moving again. I'm going to try their free plan through the end of the year to see if I can build some healthy habits that I stick with in 2022. I still love Healthi formerly iTrackbites because it's so much more affordable, but they're going to have to kick it up a notch if they want to continue to be the best alternative to Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is also offering:

  • Calming bedtime stories, relaxing meditations, and sleep sounds from Breethe
  • Sleep music from Headspace helps you wind down for the night

I used to listen to wave sounds to go to sleep, but now I just have to open my bedroom window (or any window in the house) to hear waves, so I no longer need a noise machine at night. I do like the idea of calming bedtime stories and relaxing meditations. Meditation is my thing!

weight watchers headspace

Mindset is always a big part of weight loss. WW now has:

  • 5-Minute Coaching audios with bite-sized behavior change techniques
  •  Mindfulness meditations from Breethe

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to help yourself with intuitive eating. I have some meditations posted over on our YouTube channel, if you'd like to check them out! Here is one to get you started:

Now, how much is it going to cost? Is the new plan more expensive?

Weight Watchers costs 2022

There are three options for membership: digital, digital 360, and workshops + digital.

weight watchers cost 2022

Weight Watchers Digital starts at $3.38 per week.

weight watchers digital cost
  • NEW! Completely customized food plan (no two are the same!) and PersonalPoints Budget
  • Food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers
  • Barcode scanner, recipe database, and restaurant finder
  • Meditations and all-level workouts
  • Weekly check-ins and progress reports
  • 24/7 Live Coaching
  • A lineup of social-savvy Digital 360 Coaches who make the journey engaging and fun
  • Access to exclusive virtual cooking demos, nutrition classes, and more
  • Coach-led, science-backed Workshops that deliver scientific behavior change techniques for weight loss
  • A Workshop group to motivate and inspire you, whenever you need it
  • Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Weight Watchers Digital 360 starts at $4.61 per week.

weight watchers 360 digital cost
  • NEW! Completely customized food plan (no two are the same!) and PersonalPoints Budget
  • Food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers
  • Barcode scanner, recipe database, and restaurant finder
  • Meditations and all-level workouts
  • Weekly check-ins and progress reports
  • 24/7 Live Coaching
  • A lineup of social-savvy Digital 360 Coaches who make the journey engaging and fun
  • Access to exclusive virtual cooking demos, nutrition classes, and more
  • Coach-led, science-backed Workshops that deliver scientific behavior change techniques for weight loss
  • A Workshop group to motivate and inspire you, whenever you need it
  • Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Unlimited workshops PLUS digital starts at $6.92 a week.

weight watchers unlimited price
  • NEW! Completely customized food plan (no two are the same!) and PersonalPoints Budget
  • Food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers
  • Barcode scanner, recipe database, and restaurant finder
  • Meditations and all-level workouts
  • Weekly check-ins and progress reports
  • 24/7 Live Coaching
  • A lineup of social-savvy Digital 360 Coaches who make the journey engaging and fun
  • Access to exclusive virtual cooking demos, nutrition classes, and more
  • Coach-led, science-backed Workshops that deliver scientific behavior change techniques for weight loss
  • A Workshop group to motivate and inspire you, whenever you need it
  • Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Do not be fooled by the “starting at $6.92 a week” stuff, though. You have to pay by the month, and the price isn't always what it seems.

weight watchers plans

For the workshops plus digital, IF you pay for 6 months at a time, you'll be paying $134.85 for 3 months, or $44.95 a month. $6.92 per week would be $83.04 for 12 weeks, or about 3 months. I don't say this to discourage you from signing up, but to be transparent because I hate when I get stuck with new fees that I didn't know about.

If you want to pay for only one month at a time, you have to pay $15 per week, or $60 for the first month. YIKES. If you absolutely need those in person meetings (which rarely exist right now) and workshops, that is what you'll be paying. Think about it, do you really need in person meetings?

The best deal is if you sign up and pay for 6 months, but beware that early termination fees apply if you decide WW is not for you, for whatever reason.

weight watchers vs itrackbites price

If you go with the basic plan, you'll be paying $9.69 each week or nearly $40/month because of the $20 starter fee. What are they charging you $20 for? I'm not sure. The monthly fee moving forward is $21.95. Compare that with Healthi formerly iTrackbites $29.99 a YEAR and you will see why so many (including myself) switched to Healthi formerly iTrackbites.

However, the new WW plan does look promising and I'm going to test it out and see how I like it. I'd love to know your thoughts on it as well. Join the Smiley's Points group (it says Healthi formerly iTrackbites but WW users are welcome – the majority of our members are WW users or were in the past) and let us know what you think.

Final thoughts

Overall, I'm super excited about the new changes Weight Watchers has made. Only time will tell if it's something people will stick with or if it's worth switching from Healthi formerly iTrackbites. I'm interested to see if Healthi formerly iTrackbites implements any changes or tries to catch up with all of this awesome stuff WW is offering in 2022! UPDATE – Healthi formerly iTrackbites will NOT be adding new programs or trying to do a “personal points” version of their plans.

So far, all I've seen are complaints about the new program, which doesn't surprise me… this happens every time because people do not like change! 🙂 If you are on WW, give it a try. If not, definitely try iTrackBites. 🙂

NEW INFO from Barrett:

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  1. The current plan works for me and I don’t want to change.
    I paid for a year and don’t wish to change…

    1. I say that every couple years, when the changes are about to start. But since the app changes, to accommodate the new plan, I couldn’t ever stay on the previous plan. Just look at it this way……. you paid for a year of WW. And you’ll still be on WW. Just not the plan you’re on now. You’ll be fine.

  2. I e seen many changes at ww since I e been a member some are good some are not I’m always willing to change if it works

    1. You are awesome. Change is good as long as it works for you. Try new things and if they work stick with it. If they don’t go back to what was working and keep moving towards your goal. You got this 🙂

    1. You are welcome. We try to stay on top of what is going on and inform you as soon as we know. Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you get great ideas and recipes as well as useful information.

  3. WW amping up their snack line seems to oppose their eating Whole Foods plan for weight management. I am trying to stop eating processed foods as they are not healthy and very addicting.
    WW wants us to eat healthy yet continues to market crap snacks.
    I’ll stick with Fritos and Pretzels I can buy at my grocery store.

  4. I would like more healthy fats in my ww plan. Able to eat nuts ect. I hope they keep zero point foods. I wish avacodos were zero points. If i dont like the changes i will stay on my purple plan.

    1. I have not counted healthy fats at times especially avocados and olive oil. Overall the trick is to know your body and how you feel after eating certain fats. I also agree that if you don’t like the changes stay where you are that is part of knowing yourself and how you will best achieve your goals. You got this you are headed in the right direction and you know what your goals are just Never Give Up 🙂

    2. We CAN eat healthy fats now. I eat nuts, almond butter, avocados, olive oil, real peanut butter, full fat dairy, etc. Use some weeklies and enjoy! (I’m also on purple.)

  5. WeightWatchers have never been Coeliac friendly and I don’t suppose they ever will. I have yet to meet a class leader that knows anything about HAVING to eat gluten free food. You say they are going to “help” diabetics, but yet again Coeliacs will be ignored! When they digressed into all the wellness stuff I think they seriously loss their way, and the ‘wellness wins’ that you can claim for recording meals etc., are rubbish!

  6. all of this leaves me out again. i do not have a smart phone . i have only a laptop. so again there is no way for me to join in on WW. to far for me to travel to a meeting. so…..

  7. It sounds like the answer to the question, “When are you most likely to get off track?” is “when I start my period.” And this is true for a lot of us. It’s disappointing that WW isn’t acknowledging the legitimate challenge that hormones fluctuations play in weight/behavior change/management — especially since they do ask about gender identity. I’m not an expert at WW, is there any content or tips offered for menstruating women?

  8. WW success with a changed plan depends solely on the arc of the plan you’ve been on. I was switched with less than 8 pounds to go, assigned 8 points per day less, a huge learning curve, and no option to stay on the plan that was working for me. This is unacceptable, and money grabbing at its best!

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