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How to do the WW Blue Plan on Healthi formerly iTrackbites

You know I'm a huge fan of Healthi formerly iTrackbites (who wouldn't be? It's WW for 1/10 of the cost), but with the new WW plans the app needs a little work around to make the Purple plan work. If you want to follow the WW Blue Plan, though, you don't have to do anything new in Healthi formerly iTrackbites!

The information in this post is directly from an iTrackBites coach and deemed accurate at time of posting.

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“Healthi formerly iTrackbites is an alternative to Weight Watchers. “

How to Do the WW Blue Plan on Healthi formerly iTrackbites

ww blue plan itrackbites

It's very simple to do WW Blue on Healthi formerly iTrackbites!

Better Balance = Freestyle Program

You get the same number of Bites (Points) on the Better Balance Program that you do on Freestyle. There's nothing different that you need to do to follow the Freestyle Plan, simply sign up for Healthi formerly iTrackbites and choose Better Balance as your weight loss plan.

Dumpy to Diva explains how to do the Blue Plan on Healthi formerly iTrackbites in the video below:

I have my secondary tracking set up as MACROS. I don't care about calories so much, so Macros make sense for me.

Note: Better Balance is a subscription feature so you must be a paid member to access it.

Can You Lose Weight on the WW Blue Plan?

Yes, yes, yes you can! While the Blue plan isn't the best for those who need help with portion control or watching carbs, Barrett (who describes herself as carb sensitive, like I am) has had great luck losing 40 pounds (!!) on the Freestyle aka the Blue Plan.

Healthi formerly iTrackbites Features

Why should you switch from WW to Healthi formerly iTrackbites? Honestly, you don't have to! You can stick with WW if you love the program and don't mind the extra cost. But Healthi formerly iTrackbites uses the same formulas, is accurate, and is about 1/10 of the price of WW Online.

  • cost: Healthi formerly iTrackbites costs $36 for the year (using this link for 40% off makes it $36 if you use COACH_SMILEY as the code. You need to put in the code to save the MOST $$$), WW is $16+ for the month, and it's the same formula! UPDATE JAN 2021 — sign up for a free account, then use code COACH_SMILEY after your profile is set up. Click DISCOVER PRO, enter the promo code, and you'll get Healthi formerly iTrackbites for just $24.99 a year!! Use this tutorial if you're unsure on how to use a promo code on iTrackBites. (They keep changing this!! So I update this tutorial often.)
  • choices: I can choose PointsPlus, Freestyle, or any other plan I want with Healthi formerly iTrackbites. Even with the new WW changes, they only offer 3 plan options (not PointsPlus).
  • logs: You can export your tracker data by the week, month, or quarter with Healthi formerly iTrackbites. WW does not give you access to quarterly data.
  • accuracy: I've found inaccurate info in the WW app due to members submitting and not paying attention to the right numbers. With Healthi formerly iTrackbites, I know if I see the green check, it's been verified as accurate. This puts my mind at ease!

Have you tried Healthi formerly iTrackbites?
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Use code COACH_SMILEY as a PROMO CODE at checkout to get Healthi formerly iTrackbites for just $24.99 a year!

How to do WW on Healthi formerly iTrackBites
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    1. There is such a huge difference between the amount of zero point foods that most recipes will be quite different. For example, the purple plan I have a recipe that is one point but on Green and Blue will be 5. Then on another recipe I have a Green 5 points Blue 3 points… so it just depends.

  1. How do I figure out the purple points on the itrackbites app for prepared foods? I understand how to change foods with points on Better Balance to zero bites since Better Balance doesn’t have as many zero point foods, but what about something like granola where the oats would be zero points on ww purple but not on Better Balance?

    1. This happens sometimes, pick one and go with it if it is not a great fit for you or you are not having the success you seek, you can always change to a different plan. You know your body better than anyone and will be able to determine which plan is right for you. The test is to get you on the right track if you don’t know where to start. I hope it helped you out. Take the test again and see where you come out and go from there. 🙂

  2. I am trying to get the app and sign up but the sign in says my email is already used and you will email me a reset password. I’m not aware of ever signing up before and you aren’t sending me an email. What’s next?

  3. This is not accurate. Itrackbites gives the same number of daily points, but more weekly points which is not helpful.

    1. there is a way to track the weeklies accurately. make sure you are using the equivalent plan. For the blue plan, it is Better Balance. If you need more in-depth help shoot my friend Lisa an email here

  4. I joined the itrackbites app today, per the suggestion on your site. My plan is Better Balance – I’m doing WW blue. When I added eggs this morning, I had to toggle on “0 point food”, to keep it from adding points. Doesn’t the app not automatically know it’s 0 pts. under this plan, like the WW app? I don’t get the point of recording on this app, if I still have to check my 0 pt food list, as I enter each food. Also, what are ‘filling foods’? That was an option to click too.

    1. When searching in the app you can find the Pocket Guide results which include zero bite foods under the heading Pocket Guide. Search results from the Pocket Guide also have a green checkmark after the name so you know all nutrition information & bite values have been verified for your plan. Please keep in mind no matter what plan you’re on, the Pocket Guide is the definitive source for exact bite values. FILLING FOOD SWITCH: Tap this to mark a food as filling food. (this is mostly used by SIMPLY FILLING members)

  5. WW has just changed. They took away blue. I am digital only. If I want to do blue will this be very similar?

  6. Can you use Better Balance plan online, instead of on a smart phone? I have a dumb phone, and do not have aps on it.

  7. I signed up a long time ago for the app, but dont think I paid anything. Now I want to sign up for the Better Balance plan and pay the fee. The App will not let me sign in. or make a new account. It says I will have to change to a new e-mail address. I try to get them to send me a way to change my password for the old one that I do not know, but I never get a reply from them. Can you tell me a way to be able to sign in at this time? Do not like the new plan for WW or the new prices, so want to use Better Balance instead. Am having such a hard time.

    1. I don’t know what is wrong I would put in a ticket at the help desk. Here is the link to the page where you can submit a ticket. If you have already done that I would create a new email and sign up that way. Use Coach_Smiley to save a few dollars when you sign up. Let me know that you got in I am sorry you are having so much trouble you can email me at [email protected] if you need more help. 🙂 You got this you will succeed no matter what. never give up.

  8. If you just want to use the free version of the app, the Better Balance Plan (equivalent to WW Blue) option is not available. Which of the free food plans is closest to WW Blue then?

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