How to Do the WW Purple Plan on iTrackBites

ww purple plan itrackbites

You know I'm a huge fan of iTrackBites (who wouldn't be? It's WW for 1/10 of the cost), but with the new WW plans the app needs a little work around to make each plan work. If you want to follow the WW Purple Plan, this is how you do it in iTrackbites!

The information in this post is directly from an iTrackBites coach and deemed accurate at time of posting.

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How to Do the WW Purple Plan on iTrackBites

ww purple plan itrackbites

It's very simple to do WW Purple on iTrackBites, but you will need to set up your Bites (Points) manually to do so. This is the formula you use:

Better Balance: Daily Allowance – 30% = Purple Plan

I did get 36 points on Better Balance, now I get 25. It seems like a big drop but there are 100 extra Zero Bite foods to keep you on track with fewer points needed.

Note: If there is a food item on the Purple list that is not on the Blue (Freestyle) list when you go to add these foods in iTrackBites, toggle it to a zero Bite food. You don't have to track Zero bite foods at all, but I need to keep an eye on my carbs so I track everything.

Dumpy to Diva explains how to do this in the video below:

I have my secondary tracking set up as MACROS. I don't care about calories so much, so Macros make sense for me.

Note: Better Balance is a subscription feature so you must be a paid member to access it.

Can You Lose Weight on the WW Purple Plan?

Yes, yes, yes you can! While the Purple plan isn't the best for those who need help with portion control or watching carbs, Barrett (who describes herself as carb sensitive, like I am) had great luck with the Purple Plan!

iTrackBites Features

Why should you switch from WW to iTrackBites? Honestly, you don't have to! You can stick with WW if you love the program and don't mind the extra cost. But iTrackBites uses the same formulas, is accurate, and is about 1/10 of the price of WW Online.

  • cost: iTrackBites costs $36 for the year (using this link for 40% off makes it $36 if you use COACH_SMILEY as the code. You need to put in the code to save the MOST $$$), WW is $16+ for the month, and it's the same formula! UPDATE JAN 2021 — use code COACH_SMILEY at checkout to get iTrackBites for just $24.99 a year!!
  • choices: I can choose PointsPlus, Freestyle, or any other plan I want with iTrackBites. Even with the new WW changes, they only offer 3 plan options (not PointsPlus).
  • logs: You can export your tracker data by the week, month, or quarter with iTrackBites. WW does not give you access to quarterly data.
  • accuracy: I've found inaccurate info in the WW app due to members submitting and not paying attention to the right numbers. With iTrackBites, I know if I see the green check, it's been verified as accurate. This puts my mind at ease!

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How to do WW on iTrackBites
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  1. Tanya

    Hi there, re: doing the Purple WW plan in I Track Bites, in the write up it says deduct 30% and in the video it says deduct 23%. Can you confirm which is the correct calculation? Or, am I misunderstanding something?


    1. smileyspoints

      There was a misunderstanding in the video it has been corrected click the new video for the updated information πŸ™‚ https://smileyspoints.com/how-to-do-ww-purple-plan-itrackbites/

  2. Tory

    Do I need to adjust my weekly points as well?

    1. smileyspoints

      No, your weeklies will be the same no matter what plan you are on. The number of daily points you get changes but your weeklies stay the same. This has been my experience thus far. I hope this helps you

  3. Erin

    Hi! Thanks for the helpful video. My weeklies shot up to 62 when I updated the manual dailies to 16 (BB-30%). I know this can’t be right. Since I’m only allowed 16 dailies (on purple) I’m assuming my weeklies would not exceed 35, but I can’t fix them in the iTrackbites app. Any suggestions?

    1. smileyspoints

      Reply this is another glitch that happens with older phones it is a software glitch. It is mainly on older iPhones.

      1. Jolleen Thorpe

        I’m on an iPhone XR and have the problem with the weeklies. When I adjusted my Dailies to 16, my weeklies went to 59 and I can’t figure out how to change it

        1. smileyspoints

          I think it is rollover points. Here is a link to a video that may help.

  4. Susan Waters

    If i do the free trial can I switch to the pro plan and still get your discount?

    1. smileyspoints

      Yes make sure you log in with your mobile phone and you should still get the discount.

  5. Irene Maurer

    Hi there!
    I am going through and changing the 0 point foods but am curious about the restaurant items and the recipes I make.
    I enter all the ingredients into my fitness pal, measure it all out then enter the nutrition info into the create recipe option on itrackbites to determine points. I’m not sure how to determine the points are accurate?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Sadie Lankford

      Irene, email me a few of them and I’ll check them on the official WW app and let you know! [email protected]


    Have you had issues with tracking exercise? I don’t know if it is correct or not since I stopped paying for ww. Do you eat back your fitpoints or leave them be?

    1. I don’t track or eat my fit points but I do sometimes eat Weeklies (https://smileyspoints.com/should-i-eat-my-weekly-points-weight-watchers/). πŸ™‚

  7. John cook

    When I changed From 23 smart points to 16 for the purple plan my activity points zeroed out is there any way to get them back since we had manually entered the 16?

    1. Turn manual off, close out the app… Reboot and re-set manual

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