Two Ingredient Dough Apple Pie Bagels

I recently started a collab with a wonderful lady named Miranda her Youtube channel, Running Away With Life is amazing. She is a fantastic cook. I tried her Two Ingredient Dough Apple Pie Bagels and they are delicious. I love being able to make friends, lose weight, and support others on their journey.

Two ingredient dough bagels

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Two Ingredient Dough Apple Pie Bagels

Apple Pie Bagels
They smell so good 🙂

BLUE PLAN: 3 Points

GREEN PLAN: 4 Points


I love meeting people and sharing their stories so together we can inspire others to meet their goals. Miranda is a YouTuber who has a channel called Running Away With Life. I recommend watching her every day for new and exciting recipes. I will link her video below so you can see how she makes these wonderful bagels. Don't forget to ring the bell so you get notifications when she makes a new video.

The Best Thing About WW

The best thing about WW is that you can eat everything in moderations and still lose weight. The key is to stay within your points and use your weeklies wisely. WW has created three separate plans that you can choose to lose weight with. Each plan is designed to cater to specific individuals. There is a guide in the book you will receive once you sign up or online if you go that route, that will guide you through the process of which one is right for you.

The Plans

Green Plan
Blue plan
Blue Plan

Purple Plan

The three plans are Blue which is the most current and used to be called Freestyle. Green which is the most strict of the three and is for those of us that require more accountability, and finally Purple for those that require the least amount of accountability. Ok, enough about the plans Let's get to the good stuff 🙂

Two Ingredient Dough

Apple Bagels

Let's talk dough. No not money but bread dough. WW has become famous for its 2 ingredient dough. Well, they are famous for more than that but you get the point. 2 ingredient is made with 1 cup of Fage fat-free yogurt and 1 cup of self-rising flour. In this recipe, Miranda modifies the recipe to accommodate the juice in the apples. She uses a 6-ounce tub of yogurt and 1 cup of flour.

Apple Pie Filling

Homemade apple pie filling is so good. it tastes amazing and is zero points on all of the myWW plans 🙂 Miranda uses Granny Smith apples and makes her apple pie filling from scratch in about an hour. Check out her recipe for the filling below. It is so versatile what you can do with homemade apple pie filling. Or if you are like me you can eat it with a spoon 🙂 I have added it to overnight oats for a wonderfully different taste.

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Zero point Apple Pie Filling

  • Author: smileyspoints


4 apples (I used Granny Smith apples)

2 tsp cinnamon
4 tbs lemon juice
2 tbs baking Splenda


Chop apples into small bite-size chunks. 

Put them in your crockpot with the cinnamon, lemon juice, and Splenda. 

Cook on high for 1 hour. 


Apples should still hold shape and not be too mushy when done.

Apple Pie Bagels

There are so many things you can do with Apple pie bagels, You can, of course, eat them for breakfast. Have them with your coffee or tea MMMM. We eat them at lunchtime with a little fat-free cream cheese smear so delicious.

Zero-Point Add-Ins

You can add these in with the apples or substitute either way you will have delicious bagels 🙂

  • Cranberries oh yum
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Pumpkin
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Apple Bagels

Two Ingredient Dough Apple Pie Bagels

  • Author: smileyspoints
  • Yield: 4


1 cup zero-point apple pie filling

1 cup self-rising flour

6 oz 0% Fage yogurt

Pinch of salt

1 tsp cinnamon

2 plackets Splenda
1 egg


Mix flour and salt with yogurt until it starts to form into a crumbly dough ball.

Add the apple pie filling 1/2 cup at a time.

Sprinkle a little flour onto your surface and shape your dough into 4 bagels.

Brush each bagel with egg wash and sprinkle with cinnamon and Splenda mix
Bake on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper at 375 degrees for 16-18 minutes or until golden.


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