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Weight Watchers New Program: 2020 Plan Info

The Weight Watchers 2020 Program is ALMOST HERE! WW says they're making big changes for 2020, but what are they?! We've all been wondering. 🙂 I get asked this in my inbox from the Facebook group and in my email every single day.

“Healthi formerly iTrackbites is an alternative to Weight Watchers. “

Weight Watchers 2020 Program Info

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WW Gives Choices in 2020!

The #1 complaint for most people is that we MISS THE OLD PLANS! Maybe Freestyle isn't working for you, so the word is there will be an assessment that helps guide you to choose the right plan for your body.

Weight Watchers Changes 2020

Weight Watchers is still about eating real foods and not restricting any certain food groups like some diets do. It's a plan that's flexible enough to follow for life. You can eat dessert or delicious BUILT BARS when you want, as long as you watch your portions and track your points – regardless of the plan you choose in 2020.

Weight Watchers Blue Program

The BLUE PLAN is the Freestyle program, exactly the same way it is now with the 200+ Zero Point Foods. The Blue Program is for those who are using Freestyle and it's working well for them. No tracking 0 point foods. Yay!

By the way, many people are overeating zero point foods because they're not watching the calorie and carb counts. I have a printable for you that breaks down EACH zero point food by calorie count, carb count, and even gives the fiber. It's worth putting in your purse or on the fridge. None of us got overweight by overeating boneless skinless chicken breast, but as we get older we DO have to watch the carb count – yes, even in fruits!

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WW Recipes and Support With Smiley's Points (All Plans)
Low Point Recipes Only (All Plans)

Weight Watchers Green Program

The GREEN PLAN is “essentially” the Beyond the Scale SmartPoints program, where you track everything. The only 0 point foods are fruits and veggies.There are 100+ Zero Point Foods on the Green Program.

This plan is a slight adjustment from Freestyle but it's going to give you the boundaries that many of us need. Will the algorithm be changed? SmartPoints allowed more sugar than Freestyle. So, as far as the calculations changing, we aren't sure yet.

Here is my free GREEN PLAN GUIDE:

weight watchers green plan 2020

Weight Watchers Purple Program

The PURPLE PLAN guides you toward a modest SmartPoints Budget that you can spend on foods you love and 300+ Zero Point Foods including fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Remember Simply Filling? This is similar! There's a list of foods you can eat, without tracking, but there are also some points available. Think Freestyle PLUS. The Simply Filling plan allows whole grains and pasta, so I know this is NOT the plan for me. Barrett (in the video below) says the same thing. If you need tight boundaries, this is not it!

Here is a list of Simply Filling foods from WW.

This is what Barrett has to say about the new 2020 WW plan! Let's see how accurate it is next month. 🙂

Which 2020 Weight Watchers Plan is the BEST?

The answer here isn't one that you were looking for: there is no BEST Weight Watchers Plan. The best plan is the one that works for your body, and the one that YOU put the work into! Each WW Program is based on their proven SmartPoints system and all are designed to give you similar weight loss.

Can I Change WW Plans?

Absolutely! WW recommends giving it 2 weeks before you make a change, because it can take a while to get used to a new way of eating. If you decide that switching is what’s best for you, you can do it right in Settings in your WW app. Still, need help changing your plan in the app? I wrote a step by step post to show you how and make it as easy as possible. 🙂

myWW leaked info 2020 image
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2020 WW Program Weeklies

All plans have Weeklies.

The real question is: Can we still eat our delicious BUILT BARS? 😉 (The answer is YES!)

WW 2020 – The Bottom Line

Inevitably, some people will be happy about these changes while others will be unhappy. All I ask is that you give the new program a chance – give YOURSELF a chance – before switching. There are other apps like Weight Watchers that cost far less, so that's always an option, but keep an open mind about change! It can be good! 🙂

The bottom line is KNOW YOUR BODY. I know I can't do the Purple plan because I'll gain weight. I have – HAVE! – to watch my carb intake. I'm not sure which plan is going to be best for me yet. I've been trying out Noom and loving it, even my wife who has thyroid issues has had success, so who knows what 2020 will bring for me. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new changes!

Smiley's Points will always be WW recipes – as soon as I know the plan details FOR SURE, I will start converting all of my recipes for you guys. The goal is, if the plan comes out in November, to have them all perfected – along with new recipes – by January 1! 🙂

Healthi formerly iTrackBites = WW for Free or Cheap

If you haven't heard of Healthi formerly iTrackBites yet, check out how you can use this app to do the new WW programs for FREE – or a fraction of the cost of your WW membership. The app uses the same formula and has an extensive food and restaurant database! My wife does PointsPlus on Healthi formerly iTrackBites and I do the Green Plan.

How to do WW on Healthi formerly iTrackBites
Find info on the Purple Plan here.
Find info on the Blue Plan here.
Find info on the Green Plan here.
iTrackBites full overview

ww green plan itrackbites free
ww purple plan itrackbites

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  1. I just lost 75 lbs in 8.5 months with freestyle so was dreading what might happen. I will be very thankful that it sticks around since it seems to be another one of “my” plans. Happily my loss allowed me to get back my lifetime status and I now have the free code again.

  2. I really appreciate all you do for this group. The recipes and info are so helpful. Also wondering, you are doing Noon along with WW? I would love to try Noom but didn’t want to pay for both. I’m 70 and the weight is coming off so slowly. Thanks,

    1. Hi, Nancy! Thanks so much for commenting. I stopped doing WW to do Noom, just to try it out for my wife. I had great results! I feel like I have to stay dedicated to Weight Watchers since all of my readers are WW fans. I really, really love Noom and the way it’s set up, the way it’s all done, etc. So I may go back to it long term. I wouldn’t pay for both, that’s too much money! 🙂

    2. Hi Nancy, glad to see someone my age is doing WW? I was a life member about 1yrs ago but with changed situations in life i have slipped. I am making a “new year” stand and getting back on the points program would you like to correspond and we can help each other, no pressure!
      Kind Regards, Vonny.

  3. Why doesn’t WW try to offer its very original plan among all the newer ones. I’m a senior who used WW almost from its inception. There was nothing wrong with those original plans ands many of us need more strict guidelines. I think they should be reinstated and given a try. Many of us can’t be trusted with all this “freestyle” ways. I’d like to see the basics of WW once again and give it a try,

    1. I agree Phyllis! I have been a WW member since 2011 and until the Freestyle program came along I was losing weight! I will be happy if they bring the SmartPoint program back.

    2. I lost 156 pounds in 2 years on SmartPoints. Freestyle came along and I started gainIng rapidly. I don’t understand why it’s an all or nothing. Isn’t the slogan that it’s all about choices? Maybe they should listen to their own advice. Or maybe it’s all about money. When people continue to lose, the money goes away. All this “you can do whatever you like” mindset is NOT working…that’s how I got so fat in the first place.

      1. I, too, had great success with WW SmartPoints. Did not do as well with Freestyle–weight came off very slowly. My husband gave up on WW because they were always changing their plans.

      2. Yes i agree i lost 43kgs on WW smart points, now its slowly creeping back again…. i like to be more regimented and no one plan works for every body….i was a member 40yrs ago in New Zealand and the plan was smaller portions, no wine, bread, cheese and margarine limited, the weight came off no problems, so maybe the plan really needs a thorough re-assessing ?? and yes alot of it is all about the money as i am a past staffer…the longer you take to get to “lifetime membership” the more money the get…. still having said that they are a business after all.

    3. I agree, I loved some of the older WW plans. I just happened to have saved all my old books and info for my favorites. I use those. 😁

  4. I’m dding to y previous message.

    I liked those little folders with the week’s food allowances. They were easy to keep in pocket or handbags and did allow for mix and match. They were simple and easy to follow allowing for choices and differences. I really think that they should be made available in those same, simple formats that might be perfect for some of us who can’t be trusted with “freestyle.” Just consider it another WW option. I know that I would like it.

    1. The “original plan” dates to the early ‘60s. I did it on 1968. Trust me— NO ONE today wants to be in that plan. There was a one page list of foods you could eat. No bread. No starchy vegetables. Fish 5 times a week. 3 eggs a week. No margarine, bugger, mayo. Powdered
      milk. Bariatric science has travelled miles since then. No need to go backwards!

      1. If you haven’t been on WW since the 60s, you have no idea what you’re talking about. As an employee, it is a VERY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE to adapt. It is NOT a diet. And there is NO FOOD off limits, NONE! I had fried chicken, mac&cheese and peach cobbler at a buffet today; and gelato.

        1. I totally agree!!! I have been a WW member since 1972, and lost weight but could not keep it off! I adore the Freestyle Program down -60lbs so far and loving life!!!!

      2. There certainly was bread and starchy vegetables. Two slices a day for women, and 1/2 cup of starchy veg daily.

    1. It is not a diet – WW does not give medical advice – you can see a dietician and do WW if you are diabetic . Many doctors highly recommend WW

    2. My Doctor is very happy with my -60 in almost 2 years with WW and I am a diabetic. Actually I am now considered pre-diabetic because my A1-C is great……. Guess every medical professional is different.

  5. Thanks for all the good info. I personally hope Freestyle stays, have done them all but this is easiest plan for me to follow.
    Have lost 49 pounds since February.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  6. If this is true and I am hoping it is, because I started ww in 2017 and was going in everyday until 2019 in February when we no longer had the at works program. I lost the majority of my 80lbs weight lose on smart points and had a really hard time on freestyle not losing weight. But gaining or staying the same every week. This program works for some people’s body’s but not everyone’s. I will be back. Thank you for your help

  7. I’m SO glad they are bringing back the SmartPoints style “Green Plan.” I gained all my weight back doing Freestyle. I need parameters!

    1. Agreed. Zero points was based on the theory that we couldn’t binge on those foods. Are they joking? A person with an eating issue can binge on air and water!

    2. Yes – I lost 110 on smart points and Slowly gained 40 back once the switch to freestyle happened. I got discouraged with the sudden halt in weight loss which would lead to frustration and overeating. So excited and I hope the rumors of bringing back the option of a stricter plan are true!!

  8. Sounds great! I was so close to my goal weight when the program changed last time in December 2017, so I continued on my the former Smart Points program and became a Goldmember in March 2018. After this I have kept the app and tried to keep the old program counting, but it is hard when the app applies to the new program with less points…and I have now gained 5 KG….which I said I would never do again. I live in Sweden and tonight I was at a WW meeting (Studio) and our coach hinted a bit that we should come to a meeting for new info on Nov 11th…I got curious and googled and found this haha!
    If it’s true, this will come back, the Green program sounds like the old Smart Points Program I really liked! I need boundaries but also SP that last for a day, I do not like the Zero point program at all! Giving so few SP/day and then people got crazy and baked with lots of eggs and beans and bananas and this is also calories! I lost 30 kg in one year with the old program so it was much better for me anyway. So this will be exiting! Can’t wait until Nov 11th! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I pray this is true! I lost weight so much easier on smart points (unfortunately, I have found most of the weight once again) I need boundaries and i felt like I have been losing and gaining the same 10 pounds since freestyle started. i am starting the program again this weekend and I will be using the old calculator and my old (handwritten) daily food trackers.

      1. I’ve just come across your post. I’m in Australia and the new WW has gone live this week in Australia and New Zealand. For the record, I chose the purple programme as it seems the best for someone like me who is vegetarian. Under the purple programme it is brown rice and wholegrain pasta that has zero points. White rice and pasta made from white flour still have a higher point value. Wholemeal bread has points which have not changed even when I made the switch from blue to purple. My problem with the blue programme (Freestyle) was that I would crave good carbohydrates and then junk food like chips. It has only been three days now and I don’t feel those cravings each evening. Under the blue programme I had 23 points each day and now have only 16 with the purple one. Green gives you 30 because more foods have points value.

  9. When I joined WW, I was on the Smart Points. I loss weigh at a consist rate. Then they changed to freestyle. I still loss weight but at a slower speed. I have the tendency to overeat 0 point foods. I need portion control and accountability. Thats why I am in WW to be accountable. This is great news for me!

  10. I’ve just come across your post. I’m in Australia and the new WW has gone live this week in Australia and New Zealand. For the record, I chose the purple programme as it seems the best for someone like me who is vegetarian. Under the purple programme it is brown rice and wholegrain pasta that has zero points. White rice and pasta made from white flour still have a higher point value. Wholemeal bread has points which have not changed even when I made the switch from blue to purple. My problem with the blue programme (Freestyle) was that I would crave good carbohydrates and then junk food like chips. It has only been three days now and I don’t feel those cravings each evening. Under the blue programme I had 23 points each day and now have only 16 with the purple one. Green gives you 30 because more foods have points value. All three programmes have weeklies.

      1. Thank you, I have already lost half a kilogram this week. I forgot to add that quick cook brown rice will have points under the purple programme if it has oil added so check the pack. There has been a lot of discussion about this and the admins clarified it for us.

  11. I finally had to quit WW Freestyle after consistently gaining weight while faithfully being on program and NOT overeating zero point foods. I’m so put off by WW that I don’t know if I’ll rejoin & try the new plan…..probably not.

  12. I lost weight going to WW in 2015. Worked there from 2016-2018. I always counted calories, but loved the accountability and support. I always believe there is no magic “diet” it’s calories in=calories out. Saw so many members who “worked around ” the freestyle program and didn’t lose weight. For example members would say they ate 4 eggs for breakfast when they used to eat 2 because it was “free” or those that would eat 2 large bananas for a snack. Fruit has carbs and sugar and can stall weight loss just like candy or anything else that has calories.

  13. I’m so excited to read this, thankyou. I lost all my weight on the old WW Filling & Healthy it worked for me & since it all changed I’ve put my weight back on. I tried desperately to follow all the new systems but just ended up starving & depressed all the time!!

  14. I did very well with smart points . The new plan I am not doing well at all. I actually prefer to count calories . I think it’s a mind game 1200 calories sounds like more food to me than 23 points . I am really having a hard time . I also have a thyroid issue so I don’t think it is helping me .

  15. None of these plans sound like they will work for me. Freestyle didn’t. I don’t eat a lot of whole grain pasta or rice. The fewer dily points… Haha. I get 23 now and always go over.

  16. Well I would be interested in the new plans I stopped using WW when it went to freestyle cuz it just wasn’t working for me. Points Plus worked wonders for me I could make mistakes and get back on track like nothing so I would be willing to try the green plan I believe would be similar. I tried Noom and it was to much for me the reading and requirements.

  17. This does not make sence. You have been on WW since 2011? It looks to me that WW makes sure your on this plan forever. And we pay such an amount to use WW. They make sure you stay with them . if it really worked…people would really loose and get off WW. Something is wrong with this picture.

    1. For many people losing weight does not mean ending ww. Unless a person is highly accountable and disciplined, weight gain often happens when they stop the program. Ww weigh-ins and mtgs. keep you accountable!

  18. I am gaining on this new program. I am on purple. I was on maintenance on the old program for 2 years and stayed at goal weight. I did not go over points on the purple program. I dont like the new program. I explored the other 2 colors and would not be comfortable with them. The old program was so simple and I’m sorry to see this change.

  19. WW is and will always be a scam. Just like someone else mentioned, if it worked, you wouldn’t need it for life. It’s just sad. There is no such thing as zero points in real like. Every calorie matters. People need to learn about food, calories, and their root causes for overeating in order to make sustained changes.

    1. Everyone loses weight differently. Some people have to count calories some don’t. The way we lose weight and the lifestyles we chose to accomplish our goals will differ from others. WW is not a scam like so many lifetime members have shown. WW is a way to eat for the rest of your life, not a fad diet. If it didn’t work as you say then so many people would not stay on or be loyal to the plan. They are also ever-evolving to make the plans better for everyone no matter what walk of life they are from. WW educates people about calories, food, and the causes of overeating. It does work FOR LIFE but you have to commit the issue is the commitment. You have to want to eat healthily and stay healthy WW gives you a way to do that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I welcome yours as I do everyones. Let’s keep this positive, I want to make sure this stays a positive environment for everyone.

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