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Ultimate Weight Watchers Friendly Guide

There's so much free help out there for Weight Watchers that there's literally ZERO excuse for failure. You can and WILL be successful on Weight Watchers and I want to help make sure of it! Here are some of the best Weight Watchers Facebook groups to join and top Weight Watchers blogs to follow to get you off to the right start.

Ultimate Weight Watchers Guide

Have you decided if Weight Watchers is right for you yet? That's the first step. Next, start meal planning because that's the best way to prepare for success.

Ultimate Weight Watchers Guide

Best Weight Watchers Success Tips

How to Have a Zero Point Day – This is great if you fall off the wagon, get off track, or just need a quick “reset”.

How to Add Protein to Your Diet – Protein helps keep you full, without adding points.

How to do Weight Watchers at Disney – If you're going to Disney, you are going to blow your points if you aren't careful! Just be sure to pre-track and be mindful of what you're eating (and drinking). Most likely, you'll be getting a ton of steps in to counteract any overeating you may do.

How to Get Paid for Losing Weight – What's better than getting paid to lose weight?!

How to Stay on Track During the Holidays – It's so easy to get off track around the holidays, but with Weight Watchers you don't have to worry… stay successful year round!

How to Get 10,000 Steps Every Day – It may seem like a lot at first, but you'll be on your way to 10K in no time!

Vacation Fitness Tips – Stay on track even when you're on vacation!

How to Get Moving Again – In case you've been lazy for a while (ehem, pointing at myself!), here are some great tips to get moving again.

20 Ways to Eat Eggs – Eggs are 0 points so it's easy to get bored with them. 20 ways to eat eggs? Sounds good to me!

Don't forget to utilize your zero point food list. With over 200 “free” foods, there's no need to worry!

These are on my “to read” list:

What I Wish I Knew Before Joining Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Success Tools

How to Stay Motivated on Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Frequently Asked Questions

When you join Weight Watchers – even if you're not so new at it – you may have questions. Besides the support groups on Facebook, blogs are going to be the best resource to answer your Weight Watchers questions. You can also use the online chat option on weightwatchers.com, or ask in person at your next Weight Watchers meeting.

Weight Watchers isn't working. What do I do? Here are some tips.

Should I eat my weeklies?

How do I know how much weight I need to lose? How to Choose Your Goal Weight

Before you eat, ask yourself: Are you really hungry?

Can I do Keto and Weight Watchers? – I feel like this is a question asked in the groups almost daily. WW and Keto are pretty much opposite diets, so read this before you try to do both.

Eek, I hit a plateau! Now what? How to Break a Plateau

What if I fall off the wagon? It's easy! Use this post to help you get back on track.

Hungry? How to Feel Full on Weight Watchers

How do I maintain lifetime weight?

Weight Watchers Meetings

Are in-person Weight Watchers meetings really necessary? Read: in-person vs online only.

I personally don't feel that in-person meetings are necessary for success, but many members will tell you they need the meetings. Whether you decide to do online only or sign up in-person, your success depends on how dedicated you are to your weight loss. Just like with any other weight loss program, there are a few things you've gotta do. With Weight Watchers, this means tracking points and finding support (whether online or off). I really, really like the Facebook groups I'm in. They help me when I don't have time to go to meetings.

Weight Watchers Zero Point Foods

What's up with the zero point foods? If you aren't fluent in Freestyle yet, you may be wondering exactly how many zero point foods you can get away with eating without gaining weight. Unfortunately, the answer is different for every single person who does the Weight Watchers diet. Some people can eat as many zero point foods as they want and still see results, while others have to count everything they eat and drink. Just like some can eat all of their weeklies, while others don't do so well if they eat them. It's all going to be a little bit of trial and error when you first start, so don't get discouraged. If you find yourself stalling, mix it up.

Zero Point Food List

How to Have a Zero Point Day

Zero Point Weight Watchers Recipes

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Zero Point Chicken Skillet

Crock Pot Chicken Verde

Grilled Cajun Chicken Kabobs

Zero Point Tortillas

Mexican Stir Fry

Weight Watchers Breakfasts

Ah, breakfast, the most important meal of the day! You've gotta start your day off right. Remember, eggs are zero points so your breakfast should be pretty easy. That leaves you plenty of points for the rest of the day. If you're sick of eggs or want to mix it up a bit, here are some of my favorite Weight Watchers breakfasts.

Raspberry Almond Oatmeal – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Caramel Apple Oatmeal – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint

Chai Tea Oatmeal – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Breakfast Egg Muffins – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

17 Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Easy Weight Watchers Breakfasts

Best Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Weight Watchers Lunches

Lunch can be tough, especially if you're on the go all day. Plan everything out ahead of time so you don't derail your point count. This may look different for you than it does for me: I meal prep on Sundays. If you can't do that, use your Instant Pot to cook dinner and make a double batch so you can use leftovers for lunch.

Turkey Waldorf Salad – 0 Freestyle SmartPoints

Hawaiian English Muffin Pizzas – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Shrimp Fried Quinoa – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Teriyaki Chicken – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Chicken Alfredo Pizza – 7 Freestyle SmartPoints

Four Bean Salad – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Pigs in Blankets – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Grilled Asian Turkey Burgers – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Easy No Cook Lunch Ideas

Weight Watchers Dinners

How many points do you have left for the day? If you have quite a few, you want to use them up at dinner and maybe dessert. You don't want to be too far under your point goal for the day. On the other hand, if you're already at the top of your points, you may want to have a zero point dinner and skip dessert. You can always dip into your weeklies if need be. 😉

Shrimp Cashew Stir Fry – 6 Freestyle SmartPoints

Chicken Fajitas – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Chicken Tomato Pasta – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Steak and Bean Soft Tacos – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints

4 Point Dinner Recipes

11 Zero Point Weight Watchers Dinner Recipes

Dinners With 5 Points or Less

Weight Watchers Soups

Another easy lunch idea: SOUPS! These Weight Watchers soups are filling and delicious, without killing your point count.

Zero Point Chicken Taco Soup – Yes, zero points!

Easy Vegetarian Chili – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Chicken Noodle Soup – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Enchilada Soup – 1 Freestyle SmartPoints

Loaded Baked Potato Soup – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints

Chicken and Bean Soup – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint

Chinese Vegetable Soups – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Best Weight Watchers Soups

Weight Watchers Casseroles

Casseroles are a huge time saver for our family. Whether you're meal planning or just wanting an easy dinner, Weight Watchers casseroles are perfect dinners.

Skinny Turkey Enchilada Casserole – 8 Freestyle SmartPoints

Best Weight Watchers Casseroles

20 Weight Watchers Casserole Recipes

Weight Watchers Appetizers

I love appetizers almost as much as I love dessert!

Easy Caprese Bites – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint

Cowboy Caviar – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint

Sweet & Sour Meatballs – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Zucchini Veggie Nachos – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Broccoli Cheese Tots – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Weight Watchers Dips and Salsas

Heading to a party? These dips and salsas are great to bring along – and they don't taste like “diet” food!

Buffalo Chicken Dip – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints

Instant Pot Shredded Chicken – 0 Freestyle SmartPoints

Black Bean Dip – 0 Freestyle SmartPoints

Spinach Dip – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints

Ranch Dip – 0 Freestyle SmartPoints

Delicious Veggie Dip – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Blender Salsa – 0 Freestyle SmartPoints

Pineapple Salsa – Zero Freestyle SmartPoints

Creamy Guacamole Dip – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints (use FF cream cheese)

Dill Pickle Dip – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint (use FF cream cheese and FF sour cream)

Red Pepper Garlic Hummus – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Weight Watchers Low Point Snacks

Snacks are an important part of my Weight Watchers success. I like to nibble and munch on snacks but I don't want to go over my points. Besides the zero point food list, these are the best Weight Watchers snacks.

1 Point Snack Ideas for Weight Watchers

2 Point Snack Ideas

Snacks That are 3 Points or Less

Weight Watchers Desserts

Ah, dessert. The most important meal of the day… oh, wait. Maybe I like dessert a little too much, but with Weight Watchers that's okay. If you have a sweet tooth, just make sure you track everything ahead of time so you don't go over.

Delicious Donuts – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Funnel Cake Bites – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Apple Bundt Cake – 7 Freestyle SmartPoints

Chocolate Cupcakes – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Apple Pie Cookies – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Dessert Fruit Pizza – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Mint Fluff – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Weight Watchers Desserts

Low Point Weight Watchers Desserts

Weight Watchers Desserts You Will Love

Yummy Weight Watchers Desserts

Weight Watchers Meal Plans

Free meal plans with Freestyle Weight Watchers recipes for the whole family! Shortcuts like meal plans make my life easier, and I hope they help you, too.

One Week Freestyle Meal Plan

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Meal Plan

Weight Watchers Printable Meal Plan 1 / Weight Watchers Printable Meal Plan 2

7 Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan

Freestyle SmartPoints Meal Plan

Family Friendly Weight Watchers Meal Plan

23 Point Meal Plan

Weight Watchers Shopping Lists

These printable shopping lists are great to take with you to the grocery store. Stick with what's on the list, and/or what's in the perimeter of the store (fruits/veggies/fresh, not canned/boxed/sugar-filled).

Trader Joe's




Weight Watchers Restaurant Guides

Heading out for lunch or dinner? Invited out for drinks with colleagues? I saved this list of low point alcohol drinks just in case.

7 Best Weight Watchers Fast Food Places

Weight Watchers Chipotle Guide

Weight Watchers Red Robin Guide

Weight Watchers Taco Bell Guide

Weight Watchers P.F. Chang's Guide

Weight Watchers Olive Garden Guide

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes

For even more Weight Watchers Instant Pot recipes, join this Facebook group!

Instant Pot Kung Pao Chicken – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Instant Pot Apple Crisp – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Instant Pot Mac & Cheese – 9 Freestyle SmartPoints

50 Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes

Weight Watchers Air Fryer Recipes

For even more Weight Watchers Air Fryer recipes, be sure to join this Facebook group!

Air Fryer Empanadas – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Air Fryer Pop Tarts – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints

Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints

Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers – 1 Freestyle SmartPoints

Cajun Zucchini Chips – 0 Freestyle SmartPoints

Want even MORE? Download your FREE Smiley's Guide!

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