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How To Get To 10,000 Steps

Some people make it look soooo easy but if you ask them how to get 10,000 steps in each day they usually just say “walk more”. I need specific tips to get me from a few thousand steps a day up to 10,000 steps a day!

how to get 10000 steps a day

How to Get to 10k Steps a Day

Ok so you got your FitBit, Apple Watch, or equivalent device, or you have that new app on your phone and you are motivated. Step 1 complete…yes your first day out you set a goal for 25,000,000 steps because you're a rock star. You are going to walk everywhere. Woo hoo! When you get home and check, you have only taken 4,500 steps, which surely felt like 50,000 if you're new to this walking thing. 🙁 A great start, but not as impressive as you had hoped… but definitely a starting point. So lets set a more reasonable goal than 25 million steps.

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Take the stairs

10,000 steps is a reasonable, achievable goal, even if it feels like you're climbing a mountain. Start with a smaller goal for the first few days if it's too tough, but dig deep! First, every chance you get, walk! Use the stairs and bypass the elevator or escalator, this is the healthier option as it will get your heart rate up, just walking up the stairs is a cardio workout on top of getting your steps in. Bonus!!! Walking up the stairs also strengthens your leg muscles and improves your butt.:) So it's like doing squats but getting your steps in.

Park far away.

Okay so we got the stairs and walking down and we are up about 300 steps we are well on our way to reaching our goal. Next let's try parking a bit further from the door at work. I mean all the way at the other end of the parking lot or even (gasp) the end of the block. The more steps you get, the closer to your goal you are. The closer to your goal you get, the better you feel and the better your body feels. Now you are at the end of the parking lot and you have to walk to the entrance in the heat or cold. Whew! Bring a towel or a jacket, and don't forget to drink lots of water. This will keep your body working right and help to burn those calories.

Walk during your breaks.

Now we have parked further we are taking the stairs…we are up to about 5,500 steps for the day and we need 10,000 so whats next? What else can we do? Where are we going to find another 4,500 steps from? its lunchtime we are headed to the mall to get one of those yummy salads from Subway. Yes, we can eat healthy at the mall! Wait, we are at the mall with all these stores and lots of available floor space. So let's use it! Walk around the mall on your lunch or other breaks if possible. Not going to the mall for lunch? Saw a nice juice bar on the corner? Walk there, get your smoothie with added protein and walk back.

Lunchtime is a great time to get some steps in. Walk and drink that smoothie even if you brought one from home you can take this opportunity to walk a little get your blood moving. Walking is therapeutic, it helps you to think better, and keeps your metabolism active which helps us to lose weight and feel amazing. Even if you can't walk around the mall, if you get breaks at work, use them! Walk around the building or up and down the stairs… whatever it takes to get those steps in!

Finish strong after dinner.

Wow, what a difference! We are now hovering around 8,000 steps. We are so close to our goal! Where else can we get those few precious steps in? The next idea we can do is an after-dinner walk. An evening stroll with the hubby? Walk the dog! Take the kids on a nightly romp through the neighborhood. Whatever it takes, we are so close we can't let this day go by without doing everything we can to reach our goals! So let's get out there and blow 10,000 steps out of the water. Together we can do this and achieve our fitness goals.

Sign up for a 5K.

You can do a 5K, 10K, or even a half-marathon! There's nothing like training for a race to up your step game. You can walk, jog, or do a mix … you don't have to run. This can help you get in the habit of walking/jogging every day and your step count is going to be WAY over 10,000 if you're training for a half-marathon! Start small and work your way up.

10000 Steps is How Many Miles?

1 mile is roughly 2000 steps. This is an average number. The average step taken by an adult is 2.1-2.5 feet. So 10,000 steps is roughly 5 miles and this is what the FitBit is set to when you get one right out of the box. This is your first goal. This is a challenging goal when you first get started and why I wrote this post to help you get going and well on your way to 20000 steps in one day. Using the suggestions I have outlined here I have upped my step game to around 25000 steps a day and I am sure you can do it too.

How Many Calories DO You Burn in 10000 steps?

Ten thousand steps a day has become a heavily promoted fitness mantra and the first goal with FitBits and with good reason. The average person can burn up to 3,500 calories per week by walking 10,000 steps every day. 3,500 calories wow! This is a goal worth striving for. I know we don't count calories in Weight Watchers but with the dietary changes you are making and this little tidbit of adding a little exercise each day to the mix, look out lifetime goal weight here we come. Keep in mind that diet is the most important factor but mixing in a little exercise will definitely get you on track and keep you moving in the right direction!

Join a challenge for accountability.

Sites like DietBet and HealthyWage will actually pay you for being more active and losing weight. I'm writing a post about those and will have it up soon so check back in a few days!

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  1. Take the dog for a daily walk. Don’t sit when on the phone, I make it a point to walk around while talking. It all adds up. When shopping walk the whole store checking out all the aisles.

  2. This is very helpful for those increasing. What about those of us who are starting from scratch due to health issues? What’s the best time to walk? How long should I go on the first walk? Should I walk according to the clock or how I feel? How much should I increase my walking time? Should I had time every new week?

    1. Depends on your health condition. Speak to your physician. I had a 99% blockage last year and had to have a stent placed in my heart. My cardiologist told me to start strolling 15-20 minutes a day for the first 3 months—at least 5 days a week. After that, 15-20 minutes daily, faster than a stroll but not to get winded. Once comfortable with that start increasing by 5 minutes. Once to 30 minutes, and comfortable start adding an incline. I now walk at least 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week and i walk in my neighborhood that has plenty of hills. When weather is too cool, i walk on my treadmill. I normally get 7000 -8000 steps in a day.

      1. Thanks Janelle. I have been trying to come back since 2014 when I had a heart attack in January, a double mastectomy in June, open heart surgery in November and a 3rd heart attack in Jan. 2015. Your info is so helpful. You are a blessing to me. As you can tell I have been blessed over and over again. I am trying to lose weight and get healthier after going down to zero metabolism. Thank you again.

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