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Can You Lose Weight By Walking An Hour A Day – Everything You Need To Know

Walking is one of the most vital exercises for a healthy life. If you want to be healthy, you need to keep moving and walking. As said in the Chinese proverb- Running water is never stale, a door-hinge never gets worm-eaten, so it is with a human’s physique.

If you are one of those people who want to lose weight but do not know how to start – Just start walking every day from now. Many studies have shown that walking strengthens the heart by increasing blood circulation. This article gives all the information about the benefits of walking and how you can lose weight walking for an hour.

How To Start Losing Weight by Walking For An Hour?

Start with a simple morning routine. Waking up on the “right side of the bed” will start your day off on a positive note.

1. Walking helps to control weight. It is generally far more effective than dieting or fasting. If you have finally decided to walk, start from a short distance. Walking faster instantly for a long time can make you ill, weak, and unmotivated. Start your walk with 10-15 minutes and increase it weekly according to your convenience until you reach one hour per day.

2. Fuel your body with nutrients like- carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Carbohydrates are present in pasta, cereals, and rice. It is the most efficient form of energy your body requires. Carbs break down quickly and become readily usable energy.

Proteins can be present in meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and dairy products. You should know that your body uses protein as a backup fuel supply when there is a shortage of carbs and fats in the body. Fats are as indispensable to your diet as carbs and proteins. Eating dietary fat in appropriate proportion will provide energy to your body and help you feel full and satisfied. Make sure you avoid too much fat as anything excess can be poison.

3. Water cools your body, aids circulation and digestion, and carries the fuel used to power your muscles. Try to drink at least seven-eight glasses of water to replenish what you regularly lose every day. Make sure you avoid sodas and also keep your fruit juice intake low.

4. Try to include some exercises (jogging, stretching, warm-up, etc.) in your walking. These exercises will make your bones strong and help you increase your body elasticity and flexibility.

5. Track your walking speed and distance covered with a stopwatch or time-watcher. By this, you will be more likely to reach your destined place at a set time.

6. Most importantly, before starting and setting a fitness aim, you must know your heart rate, body composition, and walking endurance.

7. Try to avoid packed and processed sugar-containing food. These unhealthy and fat-contained foods may affect your health.

8. Count your walking steps and increase them accordingly. Start with 10000 steps and go on and on.

9. Keep pace with your walk. You cannot lose weight instantly. As every work takes time to finish, similarly walking daily will help you complete your goal.

10. Do not skip your breakfast because it is the first meal of the day. Morning breakfast is the most important meal for the entire day to provide essential nutrients required for good health.

How To Stay Motivated For Walking?

1. Try to reach a goal – Goal setting plays a vital part in fitness because it gives a purpose and a shape to your fitness program. Instead of using body weight as a measure of success, focus on a three-point drop in body fat percentage.

2. Write down your walking, fitness, and nutrition routine – When circumstances come when you cry looking at yourself for not losing a single percentage of weight, write down your diary mentioning your diet plan, walking, and exercise routine to track down where you are lacking in performance.

3. Cheer yourself  – Use positive self-talk to deal with internal resistance. You can say -I will do this, I am unstoppable, etc. Good and positive thoughts create an optimistic approach to the inner self.

4. Listening to music – Music is the best therapy for the mind. It relaxes and makes your mind de-stress. Try to make your favorite song list and enjoy it while walking.

5. Give your mind a thought – Put on your thinking cap to bring new creative ideas or plans. Try solving problems and puzzles to keep engaging in the walk.

6. Walk in a nice place – Always choose a walking route or path where you can enjoy yourself walking. The place should give you positive, soothing, and calming vibes.

7. Reward yourself – Rewarding yourself for a job well done can be inspiring to keep going on. 

8. Try to compete with others – Competition helps you know your potential and capability.

9. Be social with people – Try to surround yourself with those people who are also fitness freaks. They can also motivate you to keep pace with your daily routine.

10. Read books – You can also enjoy books or podcasts on your phone to feel good.

Some Other Benefits Of Walking

  • Walking can help you live a longer and healthier life.
  • It can help you age more slowly because it increases supply to all cells in the body, lungs, and heart.
  • It is one of the most adaptable workout activities and exercises around.
  • Walking is one of the effective ways to preserve bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  • It reduces the risk of blood pressure, heart attack, hypertension and diabetes.
  • Improves cholesterol level.
  • Walking offers emotional benefits too.
  • Lower the risk of cancer

Equipment Required For Walking

1. Shoe – It should be good and comfortable to wear. It must be flexible so that you do not feel uneasy while walking.

2. Dress – wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothes. If the weather is warm, go for cotton clothing because it absorbs sweat and makes you feel cool and refreshed. In the cold weather, remember that thin layers work better on the upper part of your body than one or two thick ones to keep you warm. Clothes reflect your personality too. Pick your clothes according to convenience.

3. GPS watch, fitness tracker, or Stopwatch – It can help you track your progress from the first day itself. Do write down your daily speed and time of your walk for better results.

4. Portable water bottle for keeping yourself hydrated

5. Handkerchief or a towel


Walking is simple fitness conduct that can decrease the number of health-related problems and issues. It is one of the easiest ways to lose weight without much risk. Any age group(10-70 years)can follow a walking routine without much tension. Don't take walking as an exercise, it should be just like your regular stuff. Rather than choosing a lift or a car for a short distance, step forward with your foot. It is not only good for the health but also the environment.

Keep moving in the years ahead, BE CONSISTENT, and enjoy the walking routine of your life.





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