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Best Weight Watchers Friendly Snacks

I'm always on the hunt for the best Weight Watchers snacks to keep me full between meals without adding a ton of points. You may be looking for Weight Watchers sweets but go for the veggie sticks first. If you still are craving sweets, just check the points before eating. Pre-tracking is super important for success on this program!

Weight Watchers Snacks

Weight Watchers Snacks

Healthy snacking is part of my Weight Watchers success. I'm not someone who mindlessly snacks all day, but if I don't drink all of my water, I eat more. When I do snack, I try to stick with high protein, low carb options. Another way to avoid mindless snacking is to get up and walk. Be sure to get your 10,000 steps in every day!

Weight Watchers Zero Point Snacks

Bananas, apples, berries, cucumbers, oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, cantaloupe, sweet red peppers, peaches, mangoes, pineapple, broccoli, and zucchini are just some of the zero point foods I enjoy snacking on. With a list of 200+ zero point items on the new Freestyle SmartPoints program, the snack combinations are endless!

Roasted Ranch Chickpeas – In the Air Fryer!
Boiled Eggs – Add mustard and pickles to make zero point egg salad!
Veggie Sticks – With some ranch dip.
Plain non-fat Greek yogurt – Mix in some fruit and Splenda for a sweet treat.
Scrambled eggs + salsa – Add in some veggies, make an omelet.
Edamame – Sprinkle with salt or soy sauce.

Weight Watchers Low Point Snacks

Snacks that are 5 points or less are considered “low point snacks” to me. If you only get 23 points a day, you may want to stick to snacks that are zero points up to three points, depending on what you eat the rest of the day.

Non-fat cottage cheese + fruit – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint
Fruit + 2 tablespoons light whipped topping – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint
Light Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint
Boca Burger – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint, 13 grams of protein!
No-bake PB Balls – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint
1/4 cup fat-free black bean dip with veggie sticks – 1 Freestyle SmartPoint
Light English Muffin + Apple Butter – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints
Starbucks Protein Drink – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints (and so good!!)
Poppables – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints
Pringles 100 calorie cups – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints
Good Thins – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints for 41
Strawberry Dessert Bruschetta – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints
Inner Peas – Trader Joe's – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints for 22
Baked goldfish – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints for 55
Sugar cone with half cup of peanut cup halo top ice cream – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints
Vita Tops – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints (like a dessert muffin!)
1/4 cup almonds – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints

Best Low Point Protein Bars

Protein bars are great Weight Watchers snacks. Not only do they fill you up, you can find some that are low enough points that they won't mess the rest of your day up. Be sure to pre-track protein bars, though, as some are VERY high in points! If you do happen to blow your points for the day, try a zero point day to reset.

Another good thing about protein bars is they are usually high in fiber. This keeps you full and helps regulate your digestion.

Don't just pay attention to the point amounts. If one bar has 2 points and 7 grams of protein, and another bar has 4 points and 21 grams of protein, the second bar will most likely be much bigger AND keep you full for longer periods of time. You can eat half of one of the bigger bars and save the other half for later or tomorrow, too. If you're trying to do keto and Weight Watchers, make sure you check the carb count, too.

Protein One Bars – 2 Freestyle SmartPoints, 10 grams of protein
Built Bars – 3 Freestyle SmartPoints, 15 grams of protein
Simply Protein Bars – 3-4 Freestyle SmartPoints, 10-15 grams of protein
Orgain Protein Bars – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints, 10 grams of protein
Quest Protein Bars – 4-5 Freestyle SmartPoints, 21 grams of protein
Pure Protein Bars – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints, 21 grams of protein
Think Thin Protein Bars – 6 Freestyle SmartPoints, 20 grams of protein
Nature Valley Protein Bars – 6 Freestyle SmartPoints, 10 grams of protein
PowerBar Protein Plus Bars – 7 Freestyle SmartPoints, 20 grams of protein
Kind Plus Protein Bars – 7 Freestyle SmartPoints, 8 grams of protein

Quest Protein Bar Point Values

Mocha Chocolate Chip – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints
Double Chocolate Chunk – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints
Peanut Butter Brownie Smash – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints
Birthday Cake – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints
Chocolate Brownie – 4 Freestyle SmartPoints
Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Cookies & Cream – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Blueberry Muffin – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Chocolate Peanut Butter – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Maple Waffle Protein – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Mint Chocolate Chunk – 5 Freestyle SmartPoints

Note: These are general point counts. Some flavors are going to be higher points or higher/lower protein and fiber.

Weight Watchers Snacks to Buy

If you don't have time to meal prep and make little baggies of snacks for the week, there are Weight Watchers snacks and treats you can buy at the store.

Weight Watchers has a whole bunch of snacks you can buy on their website. You may need to order online, as I have only seen a few of them at meetings and at the store. They're a bit overpriced if you ask me, but they're fun to try once in a while.

Weight Watchers snack bars are an option but I feel like the above list gives you more snack ideas in case you don't like the WW bars. The WW bars are 3 points and have 7 grams of protein. I recommend trying the most affordable low point protein bars you can find.

Best Weight Watchers Snacks?

In my opinion, the best Weight Watchers snacks are the ones that don't add too many points (or carbs). You have to decide which snacks are best for you. If the snacks on this list don't spark joy (yes, that's a Marie Kondo reference ;)), brainstorm ways to come up with your own Weight Watchers snack ideas.

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    1. If you read the post, you will see it says exactly this: “Note: These are general point counts. Some flavors are going to be higher points or higher/lower protein and fiber.”

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