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Halloween Candy Weight Watchers Points – Which Ones are Worth It?

Oh, Halloween, how I love thee. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it's my wife's favorite, too. That doesn't mean we get to pig out on Halloween candy, but we do still get to eat it! WW is a lifestyle, not a diet, so don't feel bad if you indulge on Halloween – or any time.

weight watchers halloween candy

Weight Watchers Candy

We love candy but if we aren't careful we will go over our points mindlessly chewing on it. Having a plan to stay on track during Halloween and every other day of the year is important. You don't want to take one step forward and two steps back!

If you find yourself struggling to put the candy away, give it away to neighbors, donate it to the dentist's office (they usually do a candy drive), or bring it to work and leave it in the break room. Do whatever you have to do to get the rest of the candy out of your sight, after you've eaten your choice of pieces first, of course.

Candy too tempting? Not your thing? Check out my list of Low Point WW Snacks!

How many points are in Halloween Candy?

The amount of points in Halloween candy varies greatly, depending on the candies you choose. Whether they are worth the points or not is 100% personal opinion. My wife thinks anything chocolate is worth any amount of points, whereas I wouldn't eat a full-size Snickers bar even if it was only 2 Points (which it's not, by the way, a full size Snickers is 12 Points).

Lowest Point Halloween Candy Options

Looking for a quick glance of the best low point Halloween candy options? Here are the overall winners for low points, plus deliciousness.

  • For a creamy milk chocolate nibble: Hershey's Kisses for 1 Freestyle Point each
  • To satisfy that peanut butter craving: Reese's miniatures for 1 Freestyle Point each
  • For a little crunch: Kit Kat fun size for 2 Freestyle Points each
  • Best chew for your buck: Tootsie rolls, 3 Points for 10 pieces
  • If you love to pucker up: Sweet Tarts, 4 Points for 10

Chocolate Halloween Candy With Freestyle Points

All of the chocolate Halloween candies in this section are 1 Freestyle Point. Weight Watchers does not have you count fat, calories, or carbs, but I do watch my carbs so I like to be aware of Points AND carbs at a glance.

These points values are for ONE fun size candy bar unless otherwise noted. Be careful though! For example, 1 fun size Baby Ruth is 4 points but two fun size Baby Ruths are 9 points. If you're eating more than one in a sitting, the extra points can add up FAST!

3 Musketeers, fun size311
100 Grand, fun size515.2
Almond Joy, snack size310
Baby Ruth, fun size412
Butterfinger, fun size415
Heath, miniature24.5
Hershey's Kisses12.8
Hershey's Miniatures25.4
Junior Mints, fun size516
Kit Kat, fun size25.6
M&M's, plain, fun size410.6
M&M's, peanut, fun size410.5
Milk Duds, fun size38.8
Milky Way, fun size412
Mounds, fun size410
Mr. Goodbar, fun size36.7
Nestle Crunch, fun size38.7
Pay Day, fun size410.5
Reese's, single cup59
Reese's, minis12.1
Reese's Pieces, 25512.3
Reese's pumpkin418
Rolo, individually wrapped14.1
Snickers, fun size410.5
Twix, fun size410
York Peppermint Patty311

Non-Chocolate Halloween Candy and WW Points

Airheads, mini bars29.7
Blow Pops316
Boston Baked Beans, 5 pieces15
Candy Corn, 10 pieces418.4
Caramel Apple Pops315
Hot Tamales, 10 pieces418
Jelly Bellies, 10 pieces210.6
Jolly Ranchers15.7
Laffy Taffy, 2 pieces314.4
Mike & Ike's, 10 pieces315.7
Pixie Sticks313
Ring Pop314
Sixlets, 1 tube25
Skittles, fun size313.3
Smarties, 1 roll16
Sour Patch Kids, 10 pieces522.5
Starburst, each14.3
Sugar Babies, 10 pieces312.7
Sweet Tarts, 10 pieces416.3
Tootsie Pops315
Tootsie Rolls, 10 pieces39
Werther's Originals14.7

PointsPlus Values for Halloween Candy

low point candy weight watchers

I follow the Freestyle Program so I do not do PointsPlus, but several ladies in my Weight Watchers group on Facebook asked about PointsPlus values for candy so here are some of the top candies and their point values.

Note: “Fun size” and “snack size” are interchangeable. “Minis” are smaller.

  • 100 Grand, fun size = 3 PointsPlus
  • AirHeads, mini bars = 1 PointsPlus
  • Almond Joy, snack size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Baby Ruth, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Blow Pop, 1 pop = 2 PointsPlus
  • Butterfinger, fun size = 3 PointsPlus
  • Candy corn, 20 pieces = 4 PointsPlus
  • Nestle Crunch, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Heath Bar, snack size = 7 PointsPlus
  • Hershey's miniatures, 5 pieces = 6 PointsPlus
  • Junior Mints, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Kit-Kat, snack size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Laffy Taffy, mini bars = 1 PointsPlus
  • M&M's plain, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • M&M's peanut, fun size = 3 PointsPlus
  • Mounds, fun size = 3 PointsPlus
  • Mr. Goodbar = 3 PointsPlus
  • Nerds, 1 box = 1 PointsPlus
  • Now and Later, 2 pieces = 1 PointsPlus
  • PayDay, fun size = 3 PointsPlus
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, 1 = 3 PointsPlus
  • Reese’s Pieces, 51 pieces = 5 PointsPlus
  • Skittles, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Snickers, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Starburst, 2 pieces =1 PointsPlus
  • Twix, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • Whoppers, fun size = 2 PointsPlus
  • York Peppermint Patty, fun size = 1 PointsPlus

If you follow the old SmartPoints program, Weight Watchers has a list of Halloween candy and their SP values.

Weight Watchers Halloween

I hope this guide helped you choose your Halloween candy wisely! Let me know what your favorite candy is by leaving a comment below.

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