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Are You Really Hungry? How to Tell if You’re Hungry or Just Bored

There are many keys to weight loss – eating the right amount of calories is one of them. Weight Watchers is awesome because you don't have to count calories, but weight loss still comes down to the simple concept of calories in calories out. Some of us struggle with eating too few calories, while others eat too many. If you're having issues with overeating, it may be because you're bored. Let's talk about how you can tell the difference between actual hunger and boredom.

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how to tell if youre really hungry

Are You Really Hungry? How to tell if you are hungry or bored.

Sometimes I eat just because it's fun. Food tastes good! With programs like Weight Watchers, you don't have to worry about eating gross “diet” food – but you still need to be aware of your hunger level versus eating just because.

Do a Self-assessment.

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling depressed? Are you bored? Sad? Anxious? Happy? What is your mood? If you complete a self-assessment and find that you are indeed anxious, sad, bored, or any other emotion and you want to eat, the next step is to ask yourself when you last had something to eat. Was it filling? Was the meal high in protein? Carbs are absorbed faster and produce an empty feeling that can be associated with hunger. Even happiness can trigger you to want to eat. Think birthday parties, Super Bowl parties, sporting events, concerts, really any event where finger food is abundant and you don't have to think about eating because of the other activities that are happening at the same time. There are ways to avoid over eating, so let's talk about those and how to recognize them.

Get Moving!

Get up! Get off the couch, out of bed. Turn off the TV, turn on the radio, and move something – anything, everything! Get up and dance. This helps stop boredom eating, and it also gets you moving. All movement is good, you don't have to go to a gym and get “official” exercise – just move! Moving helps get your blood moving. Movement before your self-assessment will help you get out of a funk, and help you think better and will help you to decide whether you are truly hungry or if another factor is causing you to want to eat.

Keep Your Hands Busy.

Similar to getting moving, keeping your hands busy will keep your mind off of food. Many times when people stop smoking, they gain weight because their hands are used to being kept busy and now all of the sudden they're idle – so they reach for food! Keeping your hands busy will help redirect your energy and thoughts, focusing on the task at hand rather than looking around for food to eat.

Staying busy helps prevent eating out of sheer boredom. Knitting, crocheting, doing a puzzle, any type of crafting, painting, or even something as small as doing your makeup will help to keep your hands busy doing something other than figuring out where the cookies are. Believe it or not, even (gasp) cooking will help. Have you ever cooked an entire meal and when you are done you aren't as hungry anymore? Yes! Cooking helps, so keep your hands busy and get moving to a new, healthier you.


Water, water, water. Water is your best friend! we are made up of over 50% water. There is a debate on exactly what the percentage is, but all say over 50%. There is also a debate on who needs more water, women or men. That being said, if you are feeling hungry and it is in between meals or snack time has come and gone, grab a glass of water, even flavored water. Stay hydrated. Be wary of too much juice or sugary drinks, As a rule, just stick with water. You can drink other liquids as well as water but make sure you count them in your Weight Watchers app.


So you have done your self-assessment, you got up and got moving, your hands are busy, you are hydrated and focused on your task and, you are still hungry! What gives? Well, now it's time to eat. Yes, eat! We all have to eat, and you don't need to starve to lose weight. Weight Watchers makes it easy to eat healthy while still losing weight. Check out the list of 200+ zero point foods and make a snack or even a meal out of them. While they aren't zero calories, zero point foods can fill you up without sacrificing the rest of your daily points.

how to tell if youre hungry or bored

Take some time to relax and understand that you have completed a very thorough assessment of you and your body and mind. You know you are hungry and it's time to eat. You have planned your meals for the day, your snacks are set, it's time to eat. Sit down and enjoy your meal. Savor each bite and enjoy the flavor. Food is the ultimate spice of life! Don't feel guilty or ashamed for fueling your body. Focus on making positive, low point, high protein food choices and your body will thank you for it!

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