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Weight Loss Success: How I Lost 80 Pounds in a Year

This is Corey's story of losing 80 pounds in one year. He loves inspiring others to lose weight and get healthy, so he's sharing his best weight loss success tips with us today! Corey Bustos blogs over at The Shape Within, where he shares his weight loss story to encourage others.

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Weight Loss Success: How I Lost 80 Pounds in a Year (Corey's Story)

I discovered Corey when I read his post about how to lose 100 pounds. It's a great post, packed full of information, and his transformation is SUPER INSPIRING! I knew I had to get him to tell us his story here on Smiley's Points.

If this helps to tie in my method/info with weight watchers… Something that I often tell people who use points systems like Weight Watchers for weight loss, is that natural foods are low in points but high in nutrients, and will make you feel full and satisfied while keeping you in a calorie deficit… and therefore lose weight without having to be hungry!

Vice versa, the foods that are highly processed and that have lots of added ingredients, are foods that will be high in points / calories, and will quickly take up the daily allotment of points without making you feel very full… which is why if you try to cut calories / points while eating unhealthy, you will likely be hungry.

Beginning weight: 245 pounds
Current weight: 165 pounds

What are your top weight loss tips?

My top 5 tips for weight loss, each of which have helped me directly and significantly, I would say are these:

#1 Make changes step by step, and allow your healthy diet to become a part of your lifestyle. Make gradual changes that you can stick with for good. This can be something as simple as starting to track your foods every day. Track everything you eat (yes, even zero point foods).

#2 Focus on eating healthy, not eating less. Eat highly nutritious, low-calorie foods and you will lose weight without having to be hungry. Unhealthy foods must be REPLACED by healthy foods. Eating more whole, unprocessed foods and less processed foods will help jump start your weight loss journey and have a lasting impact!

#3 Eat healthy AND exercise, so that you lose weight quickly and more easily… and to retain muscle. Weight Watchers hasn't focused on exercise much during the first 50 years of their existence, but people are finally starting to understand that exercise – at least walking – is a necessity (especially when you're over the age of 40).

#4 Drink lots of water! Replacing sugary drinks with water is just as important as replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods. Water can also help you stay full, so you aren't wondering if you're hungry or bored.

#5 Moderation makes a huge difference. When it comes to indulging in junk food and giving in to your cravings once in a while, it will make a huge difference if you cut your portion size. If you have the cake, eat half of what you normally would. If you are having a hard time quitting soda, start with drinking half of what you normally would.

You can make great progress towards your goals, as well as towards healthier habits, without having to be perfect!

More Weight Loss Help

Tip #6: Read Corey's Blog! He has tons of great blog posts to help you with your own weight loss journey:

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