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Ways to Get Paid for Losing Weight

What's better than losing weight? Getting paid to lose weight, of course! If you're already working on it, this seems like easy money to lose weight.

Way to Get Paid for Losing Weight

If you think getting paid to lose weight is too good to be true, you're wrong. Thousands of folks have lost weight and gotten paid for it by using websites/apps that are designed to motivate you towards your weight loss goals!

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Ways to Get Paid for Losing Weight

Get Paid to Exercise

Achievement With Achievement, you connect other apps that you are currently using to monitor sleep, walking, etc. to this app so that you can earn money. You're already using the other apps, so why not get paid for it? Get Achievement to get paid to lose weight!

JayWalk Earn $1.00 in JayCoin credit for every mile you walk in a day. They convert your activity data from the Health App, which includes walking in your neighborhood, at work, on a treadmill – every little bit counts! Their website list a few places that already accept JayCoin. Join JayCoin.

SweatCoin I have used SweatCoin for a while now and I love it. The others on this list I will be signing up for and letting you know my experience with them. If you have any experience please feel free to share it here so we all can stay motivated and achieve our fitness goals. When you click on the SweatCoin link above it will take you to a sign up page. Sign up and begin to earning your SweatCoins by opening the app and walking. It's that simple. Get SweatCoin here.

DietBet is one of the most well known diet betting sites. It allows users to create a game with friends or join a game that’s already started. The more players in a game, the more money in the pot. There can be more than one winner so you split the pot if there are. Not a lot of money to win but they have had a lot of success with helping people to lose weight. Join DietBet.

Healthywage Now here is where you have the potential to earn some serious cash as well as lose some serious weight. The payouts are higher here but the commitment is also. For example, you put up $150 and you commit to losing 10% of your body weight over the next 6 months. If you achieve that goal, you get $300. That's an awesome return! There are lower bets as well, with the minimum being just over $100 over the course of however many months – meaning you can pay $10 a month for 11 months if you'd like. This one pays for most of my WW bill 🙂

There are several different challenges you can become a part of some short term some longer all with a great reward for achieving your weight loss goals. It's not easy to win this but it is worth every penny! Let's say you lose only 9% of your body fat in the 6 months. You don't win the money, but you've lost 9% body fat so you won in that way. You have lost weight and you are that much closer to your goal. You wouldn't get your monetary payout but you could join another challenge and be set up to win that one. Either way, you actually are a winner with this one! The max payout is $10,000 yes you read that right – 10 grand for losing weight. So get over there and get started making money and losing weight! Sign up for Healthy Wage here.

Best Exercise Apps

StickK You don't get paid to use this site, but it supports your weight loss goals by creating a community of people to be accountable to. When I say accountable, I mean accountable! You put in your own money to use this site which you can earn back as you achieve your goals. This site uses incentives and accountability to help you to get to your goals. You get to choose who your referee is as well as get friends and family to support you. Others outside of your friends and family may be invited to support you also. Check out StickK/.

FatBet This is an easy way to get some accountability partners and get to losing those unwanted pounds and inches. You can bet and win money with this one but there are other alternatives that are just and helpful. Basically you sign up with a group of your friends. They don't see your actual weight just the amount of weight you want to lose. FatBets keep your actual weight confidential. Other group members only see the amount you want to lose during the FatBet time frame. FatBet provides charts to help you track your progress and to help keep you and your group fired up about achieving your goals.

If you don't know a starting goal, FatBet will provide an organizer who can assist with helping you set your goal weight. The nice thing about this site is the wagers do not have to involve cash. A few examples would losers sing in a karaoke bar; winners pick the songs. Check their website for more ideas or come up with some great ones for you and your team anything to help keep you motivated and get healthy. Check out FatBet here.

21 Habit Looking for a way to help you on your way to starting a good habit or breaking a bad one? 21 days is a good start. It takes a little longer on average to make or break a habit but this will help you get started going in the right direction. The basics of this is you can invest $21 and every day you check in and say you have done something towards your goal. If you don't check in for 3 days or fail for the day you forfeit $1 which is donated to a charity. Each day you succeed, you get $1 all the way back up to your Initial investment of $21. This is a small monetary investment that may help you stay on track once you have set a goal for yourself and can also help with goal setting. Check out 21 Habit here.

Get Paid for Losing Weight

Who wouldn't love to get paid for losing weight? There are several ways to get paid for working out and getting healthy, I have listed only a few. These are the ones I think will help you reach your goals the fastest and with the best payout either monetarily or personally. If you have anything to add or know of another app or program that is good to use or have used a method in the past that was effective please share it with me so I can add it here. Have fun, get healthy, and maybe make a little money along the way!

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