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Getting Started

Welcome! 🙂 We are Kevin & Sadie Smiley and we are here to help you get started – or stay on track with – your WW/iTB journey! If you aren't sure which program to go with, check out our super detailed Weight Watchers vs iTrackBites blog post!


Whether you're just getting started or have been on your weight loss journey for years and years, it's important to never give up (click there to read the poem Kevin wrote!). We talk a lot about how to deal with unsupportive family members as well as keeping your mindset positive. Mindset is key to weight loss and healthy living success.

If you've fallen off the wagon, read our blog post about ways to get back on track after abundant eating. Remember, just because you went over your points today doesn't mean you can't get right back on track.

Sometimes, we get off track, and that is okay. We just have to get back on track the same day – or next, at the very latest. No taking weeks off.

You can easily get back on track with lots of water, lots of walking, and a Zero Point Day.

Weight Watchers FAQ

Weight Watchers, now known as myWW, is a points-based weight loss program. We don't just use myWW for weight loss, though. Healthy living and making better food choices overall are our main goals.

Read our blog post here about how to decide if Weight Watchers is right for you. If you need extra support, join our Facebook groups.

Should I eat all of my weeklies?

How can I maintain on Weight Watchers?

How can I follow myWW at Disney?

myWW online vs in person meetings

How can I stay on track through the holidays?

If you're looking for apps like myWW, keep reading.

iTrackBites Resources FAQ

iTrackBites is the best myWW alternative out there, and you can use our code COACH_SMILEY to get $5 off for the year, making it $24.99… yes, for the YEAR! And it's the same as myWW, but has more program options. Read our blog post about how to use an iTrackBites promo code so you can be sure you get your $5 off. We know it doesn't sound like a lot, but every little bit adds up!

The iTrackBites community is full of helpful “losers” just like you (and us!) who have lost weight or are trying to lose weight and are more than willing to share their best tips and tricks, and delicious recipes, to help you along your way. Read about how to use the iTrackBites community.

If you're wondering which iTrackBites plan is best, we've compared them all and the answer is… whichever one works for you!

Learn more about the iTrackBites plans:

iTrackBites Better Balance (aka myWW Blue)

iTrackBites Keeping Keto

iTrackBites Sugar Smarthow to do the myWW Green Plan on iTrackBites

iTrackBites Carb Conscious

noom FAQ

Another weight loss plan we love is noom. Kevin tried noom for 30 days and you can see his noom results here.

noom: Everything We Know

noom Getting Started Guide + Free Meal Plan

Sadie had thyroid cancer (you can read her story here), which makes it extremely difficult to lose weight, but still felt great while trying noom. The balance of foods makes it better than a restrictive program like keto, but you are still tracking everything you eat so you stay accountable.

noom is an amazing option for everyone, but it's more costly than iTrackBites or Weight Watchers. We've worked with noom to get you a $1 trial so you can see for yourself if you love it and want to continue. In fact, during the trial you will learn enough so you can keep eating foods from the same plan even after you stop using the paid program.