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How to Stay on Track with Weight Watchers During the Holidays

How to Stay on Track with Weight Watchers During the Holidays

Weight Watchers, now known as Wellness that Works, is a lifestyle – not a diet. Because it’s a lifestyle, we have to plan for year round success, even during the holidays! When everyone around you is overeating, feeling bloated, and complaining about their weight gain, you’ll be smiling while enjoying just the right amount of delicious food because you know how many points to eat. You’ll be much happier as the new year rolls around if you stay on track.

How to Stay on Track with Weight Watchers During the Holidays

How to Stay on Track with Weight Watchers During the Holidays

Let’s talk about staying on track. What does that mean to you? To me, it means staying within my points – even when the delicious dessert trays are being passed around. Think about where you want to be in six months with your weight loss goals. Is eating that extra brownie going to get you there? Maybe you can dip into your Weeklies, maybe not, but be conscious of what you’re eating (and drinking).

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

First understand that every occasion, party, or get together is not an excuse to “cheat”. Because WW is a lifestyle, there is no real cheating, but staying on track can be difficult during the holidays when everyone is shoving food in your face. Just because you are there doesn’t mean you don’t have to go over your points for the day… but you do have weeklies! So use those if you need to. Eat but don’t over eat, drink but balance it with water. Be conscience of what you are eating and how much. Enjoy yourself and the quality time you get to spend with loved ones.

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What if I don’t know the point count?

If you aren’t sure what the point count for a food would be, do your best to guess – and only eat a few bites. Unless it’s the main course and you don’t have any other options, then eat a normal amount while drinking extra water so you will be full for a longer period of time. Refer to your zero point food list and grab snacks that are high in protein when possible.


Keep your goals in mind with every bite. It takes 14 days to make or break a habit. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is just long enough to create a bad habit or solidify a good one. Keep your goals in mind they will get you through the rough times, the holidays, a bad week, or whatever. Setting and seeing your goals will help you to stay focused on your end result. We all have a target weight we want to achieve, the end result is a happier, healthier you.


Another school of thought is to not go into the holidays thinking you have to keep losing weight. Go into them focused on maintaining the weight you have already lost. This is a more realistic goal and one that is a lot easier to achieve. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure and lose what you have established so far, instead maintain your accomplishments and focus on enjoying the moments.

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Alcohol, Wine, and Weight Watchers

Let me begin by saying I believe abstinence is the best policy when it comes to alcohol. That being said, if and when you decide to drink, drink responsibly. I know you have heard it all before, so instead of beating a dead horse (insert dead horse here) allow me to explain what I mean by responsible drinking. No one ever explains they just say do it. Responsible drinking to keep you on track: make sure for every glass of wine, beer, or liquor you consume, you also drink a glass of water. Every 8oz of alcohol should be followed by 8oz of water. This is threefold; you drink less, you allow time between drinks, and you can still socialize without the guilt. Don’t forget to count your points!


Now that we have mentioned water let talk about it. Water helps us eat less calories, about 200 calories less per day, have a lower occurrence of long term weight gain, lose weight slightly faster but keep it off longer. We were always taught water is essential to stay alive but it is also paramount to losing weight and keeping it off. Water flushes toxins from our bodies which is essential during fat metabolism.


Eat! We have to fuel our bodies. Keep track of your points, and you’ll stay on track. The Weight Watchers app makes it so convenient to track every bite, so take advantage of it. Snacking on 0 point snacks before going to a relative’s house or a party will curb your cravings and help you to feel full faster than going on an empty stomach.

Stay focused! If you are attending meetings, keep going to them. Every single week, don’t miss a weigh in! Eat normal portions of food, don’t sample everything, be picky. Visit the veggie trays, they are wonderful snack foods and are usually at every event. Planning helps also, plan when you are going to the party and eat beforehand. Plan how many drinks you will have before you go. Exercise restraint instead of drinking “just one more”. Discipline is essential during this time to make it through the holidays. You’ve got this! Just stay focused and keep counting.

Remember, these are the holidays! Enjoy them! Have fun, stay focused and never, ever give up!

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  • It was nice to know that drinking water can help to lose weight because it can help you to reduce your calories intake. My sister and I will attend a 2-week family event. We expect a lot of meals to be served to us, and we're afraid to get obese. Since we want to maintain our weight, we'll do all your tips. We'll also track our weight and fat by purchasing a body composition analyzer soon.

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