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Should I Eat My Weight Watchers Weekly Points?

Should I Eat My Weight Watchers Weekly Points?

So the short answer to “Should I eat my weekly points?” is yes, you should (can) eat your weekly points! They are there for you to utilize and to help keep you on track without feeling deprived. Weeklies can help keep you motivated and in the habit of counting the points, even when you are “splurging”. They also give you a “cushion” so you can have a little extra here and there and still lose inches. Weight Watchers is a lifestyle, not a crash diet, so you’ve gotta keep the long-term game in mind. This may mean utilizing your weeklies so you don’t feel like you’re starving.

Should I Eat My Weight Watchers Weekly Points?

Should I Eat My Weight Watchers Weekly Points?

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. — Tony Robbins

Exercising on Weight Watchers

The amount of exercise you get – along with your point and water intake – is directly proportional to the amount of weight loss you’ll experience. In other words, the more you move your body, the more calories your body needs to maintain a certain weight. So with more consistent exercise, you can eat your weekly points and still lose weight.

Most people can lose weight while eating their weeklies, and though there are exceptions to this rule, they’re few and far between. To lose weight while using your weekly points, you have to move more! Exercise more, drink more water, and keep your zero point foods in check to keep the balance of burning more calories than you are taking in. Calories in calories out, it is a balance thing.

should i use weekly weight watchers points

Maintaining a balance of exercise and diet is the key to consistent, effective weight loss. Weight Watchers makes it easy to track points (and Fit Points) to stay on track. If you eat your weeklies, make sure you drink plenty of water! Also, don’t skimp on the exercise – even if it’s just walking – to balance out the added points. A quick 10 minute walk will do wonders for your waistline but more importantly for your self-esteem because, even though you ate some of your weeklies (or all of them), you will feel better because you know you are also exercising more. This helps with mental stability and keeping you on track and losing weight. This is not a sprint to a finish line, it’s is a life changing, body altering journey to a better healthier you.

When you consume your weeklies 1 or 2 times a week you will probably still lose weight without having to exercise, but if you’re over 40 or have other issues that may slow your metabolism, you will probably find it difficult to lose while eating them unless you exercise. If you consume all of your weeklies, you need to increase your exercise and water intake to compensate for the extra caloric intake. Remember, it is all about balance. The more caloric intake the more exercise needed to balance it. You don’t need to kill yourself just up your movement, though. For example, park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the store. If you have a FitBit, this is an extra 50-100+ steps times 2 (there and back). Regular everyday activities with a little thought can be turned into calorie burning, weight busting events. So here lets talk about FitPoints. Track your FitPoints and use those before your weeklies. This way you are automatically maintaining the balance. You have to earn your FitPoints and this helps you to balance eating and exercise.

I’m not in the best shape, but I want to prove to myself I can do something that seems insurmountable and inspire others by showing them no matter where they are in their fitness goals, they can do it, too. — Ruben Studdard

If you are using your weeklies, your net loss may be less – meaning you may lose at a slower pace. This depends on your metabolism and where you are in your weight loss cycle. A loss is still a loss. Every body is different, so some will lose more than others. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. No matter what, remember you are a unique beautiful person and you are on this journey to achieve your goals. Always share your journey and experiences to help motivate others as well as yourself. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t lose focus, don’t quit, don’t ever give up.

Your weeklies are there to help you get through events, too: birthdays, parties, a bad week at work, etc. It’s okay to use them, just use them wisely and balance with exercise. If you’re using your weeklies to binge eat salty, fried food on the weekends when your weigh in day is Monday, you’re going to be extremely disappointed with the scale! Eating your weeklies shouldn’t be done all in one day if it can be avoided. Yes, you could still lose weight this way, but it’s a gamble… especially if it’s close to weigh in day. Weight loss is an adventure; there are ups and downs, but even a roller coaster reaches its goal – it just has to keep going.

Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.

Weight loss is a result of steady, consistent goal-oriented planning. Weight Watchers makes this easy! You will lose weight at different intervals (fast at first and then more consistently as time goes on), but a loss is a loss. The key is to never give up and once you reach your goal weight, continue to follow Weight Watchers principles to maintain Lifetime. The ride doesn’t have to be described as a roller coaster, it is an adventure! Your goal is just the end result of the positive journey you are on to better health and a slimmer you.

I am Active

There is another person who needs to eat their weeklies. If you are active and find that you have hit a plateau consuming more calories may kick start your metabolism and get it burning again. You may need to eat a little more to wake your metabolism back up and start moving towards your goals. Only you know your body the best. Once you are sure you have done everything and you still can’t seem to lose that next 5-10 pounds, or are you losing and gaining the same 5 pounds over and over again? Eating your weeklies may help get you over the hump and back on your way to your goals. Good luck with all that you are accomplishing and please share your journey so others will know they can do it to. 🙂

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  • Thanks for the great advice! I've lost almost 100 lbs weight watchers, so I'm a huge fan of the program. I love reading these tips and ideas to stay motivated.

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