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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution All Year Long

How to keep your new years resolutions

How to Stick to Your New Years Resolution All Year Long

New Years Resolutions

We have all done it, made New Year's resolutions and then come February they become ancient history. Year in and year out we make these resolutions and goals, and each year we fail to follow through. What can we do to ensure we make it this year? Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to making it past March and into October and on to your fitness and weight loss goals.

How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolution All Year Long

Count Your Points

This sounds like a no brainer but get in the habit of counting your points. Every meal every day once its a habit its easy to do and will help to speed you along your way to October and beyond. Counting points is essential not only to lose the unwanted weight but to keeping it off. MAny of the members who have achieved their lifetime goal weight swear by keeping the habit of counting their points. It helps them to maintain weight loss once they have achieved. Once you get to that goal, you go into maintenance mode. You still count points, and you enjoy a healthier, slimmer you. A quick fact, If you count points, you lose weight! No maybe about it! So the first tip is to make counting your points a habit. It is easy and if you get your friends and kids involved you can even make it fun. Challenge your friends and children to make the most meals with the fewest points. Each week challenge a new friend or a different child. Rechallenge the same friends. It is fun and can make beginning to count points a little easier. If you only have one child, it is still fun to make it count! Have fun with it. Counting points does not have to be a chore.

Accountability Groups

Joining an accountability group, whether you create your own, or joining a Weight Watchers group near you, will help you get going, answer questions you may have, and keep you involved longer than just a month or two. An accountability group does just that it helps you stay accountable to yourself and you help others stay accountable also. This enables you to remain focused week to week especially when you hit the dreaded plateau. You learn about non-scale victories and why they are essential to celebrate also. These groups keep you plugged in and working hard towards your goals. The other advantage of a Weight Watchers accountability group is the weekly weigh in. This lets you and others celebrate small victories on your way to your goal weight. These groups also keep you engaged and moving in the right direction, focused on your goals and helping through times when most give up. In my opinion, these groups or any accountability group is essential to success. Talking about the weekly weigh in once you achieve and maintain your lifetime weight you get to attend meetings for FREE!!

How to Keep your new year's resolution


Friends, like accountability groups, will help to keep you engaged and on the right track longer than trying to go it alone. Do it together Friends will egg you on and make sure you check in with each other so that you stay on track in between Weight Watchers meetings. Friends that are also accountability partners will track points with you, make meals together, share your success and concerns with. Challenge your friends to see who can prepare the lowest point meals. You will help keep each other stay on track, and you will be well on your way to your weight loss goals. Challenge yourself to make low point meals often. You can even find different meals to try on the internet.

Here Comes July

Woohoo, you made it to July, and you have made to the halfway point. I hope you are stoked with your results so far. Now that you have made it this far don't quit. This is a trying time for some people. It may be the month you hit the plateau; maybe you are just tired of this “dieting thing,” this is the time to lean on your support groups and your friends. This is the month I recommend starting a new hobby or doing something to keep your mind and hands busy, so you aren't just eating because you are bored.

The End of the Year

For the rest of the year I recommend looking into ways to get paid for losing weight. You can start the getting paid programs earlier of course, but during this pivotal time starting a new hobby or program will help you to stay focused and continue on your journey to a healthier slimmer you. After you get through July the rest of the year is packed with holidays and events that may get you off track. Ideas to stay on track through the holidays. Keep your goals in mind and your accountability partners on speed dial. Have fun enjoy this thing called life and do it in style. 🙂

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