30 Day Walking Challenge

You ready to amp up your lifestyle? You changed your diet and now you are ready to kick it into high gear and get to your goal weight. You have to start a little at a time but stick with us and we will get there together. We wrote this this to help get you moving in the right direction. We know with Weight Watchers you can get there without exercise but we want to get there faster. We started walking and started to achieve even more results. So we will share with you our 30 day challenge.


30 Day Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge

30 Day Walking Challenge for Beginners

I really got a lot of feedback from the 10k steps post so here is a walking challenge for beginners to get you moving again and building up to that 10k plus steps a day. Exercise and moving are keys to staying healthy at any age, but the older we get, the more critical it is to keep moving. I hope this post and my other ones help to get you motivated and moving, without hurting yourself, and well on your way to a healthier and more awesome feeling you! I welcome questions, comments and insight please share your thoughts and ideas. If you have a subject, you want to know more about please feel free to ask.

Walking Challenges

First Step

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have everything you need to begin this walking adventure. The right pair of shoes is critical when you are starting an exercise regimen. When picking the right shoes make sure they are designed for walking or running. These shoes have been engineered to absorb impact, support your ankles and the arch of the foot better. The fit is another important aspect of choosing the right shoe. Most people I know usually purchase a shoe from a brand they trust or know. I recommend doing some research first to get the best shoe for you and then having your foot measured at a store to get the most accurate fit. As we gain and lose weight, our feet may get wider or slimmer as a result. Having the right shoes on will drastically improve the distance you can walk and the fatigue you feel afterward. Some specialty shoes will help to improve your posture and reduce lower back pain while walking or standing. So do your research and pick a great pair of shoes.

Balancing Act

Whether you need help from a partner in crime, cane, walker, skateboard, (just kidding), Bicycle, (not kidding) πŸ™‚ make sure you are safe before you start walking and moving around. Make sure that you have what you need to keep your balance. Even if you’re moving slowly, you’re moving more than you were yesterday and tomorrow looks awesome! Keep your balance; this is imperative to getting moving and to keep you moving. The more you walk, the better you will feel and the longer you will be able to go, but it all starts with a few steps.

The Challenge

Here is the challenge day by day with a rest day in between. This is for beginners as you become more advanced your walk times will go up and consequently so will the distance you can walk. Pretty soon you will be doing 5k walks and 10k walks and beyond. So let's start by doing a few stretches to warm up our muscles and get them ready to work. πŸ™‚

Getting started Week #1

Day 1 walk for 15 minutes.
Day 2 walk for 20 minutes,
Day 3 walk for 15 minutes
Day 4 walk for 20 minutes
Day 5 walk for 20 minutes 15 minutes if you can't make the full 20 but do the best you can rest days are next.
Day 6 rest relax today
Day 7 rest and stretch today

Week 2 The Build Up

Get ready to step it up a bit, stretch this morning and then let's go.
Day 1 walk for 30 minutes
Day 2 walk for 20 minutes
Day 3 walk for 30 minutes
Day 4 walk for 20 minutes
Day 5 walk for 30 minutes
Day 6 walk for 20 minutes Here we step it up a bit more πŸ™‚
Day 7 Rest and stretch today.

Week 3 Ready for More

Day 1 walk for 45 minutes
Day 2 walk for 30 minutes
Day 3 walk for 45 minutes
Day 4 walk for 30 minutes
Day 5 walk for 45 minutes
Day 6 walk for 30 minutes Keep Moving You are Doing Great almost ready for that skateboard πŸ™‚
Day 7 Rest and stretch today.

Week 4 The Home Stretch

This is what you have been aiming for. Now, let's get those 10k steps a day in πŸ™‚
Day 1 walk for 60 minutes
Day 2 walk for 45 minutes
Day 3 walk for 60 minutes
Day 4 walk for 45 minutes
Day 5 walk for 60 minutes
Day 6 walk for 60 minutes Skateboard Time Yes you made it πŸ™‚
Day 7 Rest and stretch today. (Now let's get ready for an advanced version of this so we can keep improving.) πŸ™‚

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