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21-Day Get Moving Challenge *OPEN!*

Smiley's Points is hosting a 21-Day GET MOVING Challenge on Facebook! You have until September 7th to sign up.


Do you need…?

Daily Accountability and Encouragement

Set a reminder on your phone to check in with us each day! We offer support 24/7 through our FREE, private Wellness Challenge group on Facebook (the link will be sent to you via email).

True accountability starts with showing up each day! We make that easy by offering POINTS and PRIZES in the group!

A Refresher

Even if you're starting from Ground Zero all over again like we are, this challenge will be the perfect refresher to get you started back up!

Nutrition Support

Meal prep help, meal planning, and tons of healthy recipes will be at your fingertips so your success is ENSURED this time! 🙂 Meal plans will include high protein, low calorie meals with WW points calculated for all plans.

An Individualized Plan

We know everyone has their own goals in mind. We aren't here to force you to sign up for Weight Watchers or start eating Keto, we aren't shoving shakes and supplements down your throats, we are simply here to support your individualized path!

Be sure to DOWNLOAD your materials! Sign up here to get your FREE tracking sheet sent straight to your inbox!

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