Plus Size Weight Loss Tips 6 Things to Know Before Starting the Journey
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Plus Size Weight Loss Tips: 6 Things to Know Before Starting the Journey

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Losing weight isn’t easy, and keeping it off sometimes feels like an even greater feat. 

When it comes to plus-size weight loss, we cover everything you need to know to get the best results that last. What if we told you that being healthy can be enjoyable? Would you do it?

Six Things to Know Before Plus Size Weight Loss

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Many people think they can jump right into losing weight, but there are a few things to consider. With a rise in fad diets and an abundance of information, it is difficult to know what is healthy and what is not. We outline six things you should know before beginning your weight loss journey.

1. Don’t Eliminate Everything from your Diet. Many diets require you to eliminate certain food groups, like carbs or sugars. When we eliminate certain foods, we tend to crave them more. Once the weight comes off, the weight loss is not sustainable in the long term.

These diets have been studied and have not had the best long-term results. The challenge is that, once the weight comes off, if we don’t develop proper eating skills, it will come back as soon as we end the diet. Many of these diets don’t teach you skills beyond losing weight, and many people don’t know how to maintain weight loss, leading to the yo-yo effect.

Instead of eliminating items from your diet, you should practice portion control and moderation. It is a safer alternative and teaches you how to eat properly, making it sustainable and helping you avoid cravings. This approach helps you embrace weight loss without feeling like you are depriving yourself.

2. Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others. With social media, it is easier than ever to compare your body type and shape to others. Realistically, we are all unique. No two bodies are identical. You must be comfortable with how you look and not base it on some lofty ideal image. 

Never allow yourself to feel like you aren’t good enough. This attitude could lead to an eating disorder. Follow accounts of people who support body positivity, like plus-size model Ashley Graham and other beautiful plus-size people, to keep the right attitude about diet culture. 

3. Physical Fitness Options are Endless. You may find that you go through phases when it comes to physical activity. Many of us begin with one thing, get tired of it, and start something else. The good news is you may find several things that you enjoy doing, allowing you to mix up your routine so things don’t become mundane. 

Working out is a necessity for any healthy lifestyle. We must burn more calories than we consume to lose weight. Furthermore, physical activity benefits our overall health and emotional well-being. It helps with sleep and eliminates stress from our lives. 

So, find something that you enjoy. When you do, working out will never feel like a chore. If you enjoy it, chances are you will stick with it. 

4. Reward Yourself. Programs like Noom and Healthi set us up for success because they focus on long-term sustainability. They teach you proper eating habits, provide realistic goals, and empower you along your journey. One of the things they teach is to reward yourself.

Rewards don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, it is a little self-care that we normally wouldn’t do. Rewards remind us to take care of ourselves, do something nice for ourselves, and that hard work deserves to be rewarded in non-food-related ways.

5. Water Is Amazing. Many of us dread having to drink water. It isn’t always the tastiest, and some of us associate it with weight loss, making it even less appealing. But what if we told you that drinking water is a great “cheat”?

Water helps us shed weight quicker, and it will become your new best friend. Drinking a glass of water before a meal will prevent you from overeating. You will feel fuller quicker and be more satisfied with your meal.

Your skin will also look better, you will perform well while working out, and you will remain hydrated throughout the day.

6. Don’t Be Upset with Bloating or Plateauing. It is normal to see the scale move a few pounds in the wrong direction despite your best efforts. The scale can plateau for a few weeks, too. Both are perfectly normal. 

There are many reasons for bloating. You may have eaten something salty, eaten processed foods, or consumed nitrates. If you are a woman, it can be water retention from menstruation.

Also, if you are stressed, your body produces cortisol. When it comes to weight loss, cortisol is your enemy. Cortisol can cause us to emotionally eat and gain weight. Cortisol puts us in a continual fight-or-flight response where the body conserves energy. We end up not losing weight until we decrease our stress levels. 

You may also experience a plateau in your journey, which is normal. If you are on track and don’t deviate from your plan, don’t worry about the numbers. They will move. You just need to have patience.

When it comes to plus-size weight loss, these are the main things to consider. First, you must know if your diet is healthy or not. Any diet can work if you are dedicated to it, but the best results are sustainable ones. We often fail because we don’t know how to eat healthily or establish a workout routine. Many of us never learned the right skills.

Find something that will teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consider programs like Noom and Healthi to help you in your journey, keep the weight off, and help you feel healthier for the long run.

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