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How to Choose a Full Body Workout for Weight Loss That Suits Your Needs

Workout selection of oneself can be a tough decision. Many people do not even know what a full-body workout is, and how often one should do the compound exercises. They just want to lose weight effectively in the least amount of time without hampering their daily schedule. It's often been observed that people copy others' workouts routine and follow. For reminder let me tell you that everybody's body is different, their requirements, stability, stamina varies too. So how one can follow other people or celebrity paths.

In this article, you will know the meaning of a full-body workout, how to choose a workout according to one's body requirements, and many more.

What is a Full Body Workout?

Full Body Workouts are the workouts where compound exercise and movements are involved for major to minor body parts and joints. It is the most effective workout because instead of a single or isolated body part workout, the whole body effectively uses multiple joints for movements. It results in Whole Body Integration (WBI) which means entire body parts are used for every action and movement performed in a workout. 

What are the Benefits of Full Body Workout?

  • It can let you burn more calories in less time. The Full-body workout, which includes compound exercises and movements, requires a large amount of energy and less rest. The workouts keep the heart beating and calories burning.
  • A full-body workout is a great time-saving workout for losing weight.
  • It helps to build body muscles and also maintain them.
  • Total Body Workout increases strength and bone density. Additionally, it stimulates the entire body in a short span.
  • In a full-body workout, every part of the body gets involved. That's why no specific exercise is needed for isolated muscles.
  • This workout improves the function of the body by making your muscles active.
  • Body movements and balance get maintained by a full-body workout.
  • Decrease overtraining and repetitive exercise on a particular body part.
  • It helps in increasing the working efficiency of the body.
  • It also improves endurance, stability, speed, and overall strength of the body.

How to choose a Full Body Workout?

It is challenging to select which full-body workout is effective for a particular person. To choose a full-body workout, first of all, one needs to know their body types.

There are three types of Body.

  1. Ectomorph body type-  People whose body type falls in this category tend to be lean and thin. They have long limbs and small muscle belly fats. They are most commonly known as hard gainers because the major fitness goals are to build muscles. Because of their fast metabolism, it is difficult for them to gain body fats.
  2. Mesomorph body type – People tend to have a narrow waist, thin joints, broad shoulders, and round muscle belly fats in this category. They also have long limbs, narrow hips and clavicles. They have an efficient metabolism to gain fat or lose weight.
  3. Endomorph body type- People have a heavier bone structure, wide waist, and large hips. Their body is surrounded by body fats all over and has a slower metabolism. They can gain and lose body fat quickly. 

Secondly, check the stamina, flexibility, volume, frequency, and intensity of your body that is required for your following workouts. Finalize your full-body workout by consulting your fitness trainer.

What are the Best Forms Of a Full Body Workout for Weight loss?

  1. Squats – It is the king of all exercises that help develop legs and ab muscles. Squats strengthen the hips and indirectly the abs. Do 12- 15 reps of squats in two to three sets. There are around ten different types of squats. You can choose different variations of squats in your daily workout routine as a challenge to lose weight.
  2. Pushups-It does not matter how strong or weak you are, you went to the gym or not. Anybody can do the pushups. You just have to believe in yourself to learn something new and lose weight effectively. This full-body workout is most of all for the upper body parts( the chest, arm, forearms, and back too).
  3. Lunges– To make the lower part of the body stronger, lunges are one of the most effective full-body workouts. It strengthens hamstring muscles and also makes the body flexible and stress-free. It also tightens the core muscles. There are two types of lunges. (i) Forward lunge – Maintain an upright torso. At the bottom of the movement, your leg should be at a 90-degree angle, and make sure your rear knee is just above the ground. Now push hard through the front leg and foot to return to start. (ii) Reverse Alternating lunge – It is the same as forwarding lunge, but the left legs are kept forward instead of right. While doing this workout, try to keep your upper body straight.
  4. Burpees– Practicing burpees can be very beneficial for improving endurance. But maximum people do this in the wrong way and get bad results. Burpees can help you measure your physical strength and potential. The famous physiologist Royal Huddleston Burpee coined the term burpee in the 1930s. The important fact is that a one-minute burpee on your regular workout routine can burn up to 15 calories. Burpee is divided into two parts: push-ups and jumping. It helps improve the working of the heart and blood circulation in the body.  The risk of diabetes and heart attack gets reduced with burpees.
  5. Jumping jacks– It is a great cardio and weight loss exercise. Add ten sets of reps of jumping jacks in a week. Jumping jacks can be performed as a warm-up before any complex or intense training. It works on lower body muscles to strengthen your glutes, hips, calves, shins, and hamstrings.
  6. Dumbbell Deadlift-The deadlift is an excellent exercise for weight loss and body posture. It helps you in growing and building your body muscles. If you add this workout to your daily routine, the risk of injuries reduces. While doing Dumbbell deadlift continuously for a long time, you can perform any exercise superiorly and make you fit and healthy like an athlete. It also increases your lifespan. Dumbbell deadlift involves all the body muscles like the lower part, back, and upper body. It improves testosterone and growth hormones.
  7. Bench press – This full-body workout benefits the upper body (chest). Even if you are a beginner or pro bench press always makes you fit and fine. It promotes weight loss and toning the body muscles. Many new fitness enthusiasts add this workout, and within six months, their upper body parts strengthen up to 40%. Benching can increase the bone density of the Lumbar Spine. According to research, old aged people who have osteoporosis must do bench presses for improvement. The functional exercise will enhance your pushing power too.
  8. Leg press– It is a type of resistance training exercise for working on legs to strengthen them. It is one of those strength training exercises to build muscle and reduce the risk of injury. To lose and gain weight, add leg press to your daily workout routine. Leg Press is the best exercise for reducing knee arthritis and knee pain.

Points to Ponder

  • Choose your exercise/yoga mat and dumbbells wisely.
  • Before you start your workout, drink a surplus amount of water or energy drink to keep your body hydrated and avoid the complications related to loss of water.
  • Add a healthy and balanced diet to your day-to-day ritual. Do not forget to include proteins, carbs, and fat in your diet.
  • A rest period is the most important factor during the training. So do not neglect it.
  • Use perfect athlete exercise clothing for your workout and exercises.
  • Try to do your full-body workout or exercises in the morning time.
  • Always concern your mentor/fitness trainer or professional if you are suffering from any disease for a long time before choosing a complex workout.
  • Maintain personal hygiene because it can cause you difficulty.


No one knows you better than yourself. Only you know your daily pattern, so before you can choose a full-Body Workout, make sure it does not harm you in any way. However, you can also go for a weekly schedule. 

Before designing a full-body effective workout plan for weight loss, keep your daily rituals in mind. Then decide whether a full-body workout is for you or a split workout is suitable for your body. If you are struggling to stick to a workout or if you are confused about which workout program to go with, in that case, the right mentor can be a good option for you. You can reduce stubborn body fat and build muscle with the help of a full-body workout.


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