cranberry fluff recipe

Cranberry Marshmallow Fluff

  • Author: Smiley


This delicious low point WW dessert is perfect for the holidays… or any time of year!



10 tablespoons of lite cool whip

½ bag Whole cranberries 1 bag is approx. 12 ounces or 3 cups

1 tbs sugar-free vanilla pudding mix

1 serving Lilly’s dark chocolate chips

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ can crushed pineapple strained about 10 ounces

1 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

20 miniature marshmallow (1 ounce)


Cook cranberries in water until they pop (about 10 minutes)

Strain the cranberries

Mix all ingredients together Add more pineapple if desired.

Stir until well combined Enjoy


Makes 6 servings 

2 Points per servings

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