Cinnamon infused bourbon with ginger

Cinnamon Infused Bourbon

  • Author: smileyspoints


175 ml bottle of Bourbon 4 McCormicks Cinnamon sticks 2 teaspoons of McCormicks Ground Cinnamon 1 teaspoon of McCormicks Crystalized Ginger 4 HoneyCrisp Apples Sliced


Slice and add 4 apples into a mason jar. 

Add 4 cinnamon sticks Add 2 teaspoons McCormick® Ground Cinnamon Add 1 teaspoon McCormick® Crystalized Ginger. McCormick® delivers the strongest cinnamon flavor and the most bang for your buck. The ginger adds a bit of a kick to the bourbon, making it taste perfect.

Next, cover with bourbon. Pour your bourbon into the mason jar and seal it tight. Place your jar in a cool, dark area in your house. Your pantry on the top shelf or on the floor is perfect for letting the bourbon sit and become infused with cinnamon apple goodness. I waited 72 hours, but you can wait a week or longer to have a stronger ginger cinnamon flavor.


If you want to read more about McCormick® spices or purchase your own clicke the link here 🙂

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