Introducing a more customizable program, including a diabetic-friendly plan! Want to eat healthy fats and reduce sugar? Rumor has it, that's what's coming down the pike.

We learned the new name is most likely going to be called WW Personal Points

If you haven't used the new Weight Watchers app in a while, you'll notice some new things such as tracking challenges, meditations, fitness, and more. Major props to Weight Watchers for continuing to improve the program for their users.

Mindy is stepping down at the beginning of 2022 as the Weight Watchers CEO and President.

Remember: you are in control of your plan! If you don't like the new plan, that's okay. Give it the good ol' college try, but if it's not working, you have these plans to fall back on.

Wonder how many points eating crow is? myWW has been anti-fat for decades… now they're going to add in some healthy fat options? Hmmm… can't wait to find out!