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How much weight to lose to go down a size- All you need to know

A slim and fit body is a dream of every individual. People try different types of diet, exercise, and cardio to lose weight. But one mistake they keep repeating is selecting dress sizes as a parameter to lose weight. Let me tell you, dress size is not a calculator to answer how much weight you need to lose. It depends on your body type, BMI, sex, height, etc.

You primarily focus on your belly fats, thighs, and shoulders when you start your weight loss journey. The first place where you can see changes in your weight is your face. According to researchers, people notice changes in weight by looking at their looks. The face can reveal what is going on with your body. It gives all sorts of information about your health.

Some studies believe that people get attracted to those faces whose BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. If you are obese, the highly fatty areas can be your cheeks, giving you a fatty and heavy appearance. If you are too lean, the lack of fat on your face will leave you looking skinny and skeletal. So focus on looking healthy instead of losing weight unknowingly.

Dress sizes cannot determine your well-being. Maybe dropping a size keeps you motivated, but the most important is how you feel about yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. There’s no good estimation or assumption for how much weight loss it takes to go down a size, as quantifying clothing sizes in weight terms isn’t consistent.

How to lose weight?

To lose weight and go down a size one needs to follow these rules:

1. Improve your diet routine

A strict and healthy diet is essential to staying fit, healthy, and losing weight. Food gives you vitamins, minerals, carbs, and other essential nutrients that help you to strengthen your body muscles and bones. It also promotes weight loss. Eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables in your balanced diet. Count your calories before eating your food. You should include proteins, fats, and small amounts of complex carbohydrates in your balanced diet. Food rich in nutrients also resists life-threatening diseases and helps you stay healthy. If you get bored with your daily food, try smoothies and weight loss recipes from smileyspoints.


2. Exercise regularly

Exercises such as yoga, High-Intensity training, or walking are essential in losing weight. It helps to burn excessive fat from your body. It also helps to improve mood swings and reduce chronic health diseases. Some common weight loss exercises are plank, weight lifting, swimming, walking, jogging, pilates, etc. Before following any workout routine, consult your professional or fitness trainer. Instead of going to the gym, you can do weight loss exercises at your home. To keep yourself motivated to exercise daily, join a social group of fitness freaks. Be honest with yourself because only you can help you achieve your fitness goals.


3. Sleep

When a person decides to shed extra fat and lose weight, that person forgets that rest is also an important aspect of a fitness routine. They work hard, do excessive exercises and cardio and hurt their body. Instead of weight loss, they injure themselves. So you should always take 7-8 hours of sleep every day. It will help you relax, recharge, refresh your mind, and heal your body muscles. Sleep and rest prepare your body for the next day’s activities. It also motivates you to continue your weight loss ritual. Therefore, give priority to your body and sleep on time.


4. Stay away from unhealthy food

Refined chips, fries, burgers, pizzas, and soda canes should be strictly avoided for a healthy lifestyle. These processed and packed food increases fat and make you obese. These foods escalate your cravings to eat more and more. In the end, it ruins your weight loss plan. So stay away from these highly refined and highly carb-rich eatables. Try to intake smoothies, seasonal fruits, and dry fruits such as walnuts, apricots, almonds, and raisins in your snack time. The added sugar and refined flour in cookies and pastries are harmful to the body in fact, they invite life-threatening diseases.


5. Drink plenty of water

Water keeps your body hydrated throughout the day. It cleanses and detoxifies your body. Water stimulates red blood cells’ growth and helps create more oxygenated blood. It increases metabolic rate to burn more calories by digesting and assimilating foods faster and effectively. When you exercise, your body burns fat and loses fluid in the form of sweat. To maintain the fluid in the body, water is an essential component to keep hydrated.


6. Do not skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Weight loss does not mean skipping meals. You just need to stick to a healthy diet on time. When you avoid your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the body’s metabolic rate slows down and makes it difficult to burn calories. Skipping meals craves your body to eat unhealthy food. This hampers your routine, and instead of losing fat, you end up gaining it. Make sure that the portions of the food are measured while eating your meals. While on a weight loss journey, maintain a journal so that you can keep track of your calories, and also You will come to know that you are whether you are taking a proper supplement of food on time or not.


Points to Ponder

  • Do not compare your weight loss with your clothes.
  • Focus on losing fat instead of weight.
  • Eat healthy food and drink a surplus amount of water.
  • Do not follow others’ weight loss routines.
  • Listen to your trainers.
  • Try to use a smaller plate for your mealtime.
  • Wake up and go to bed early.
  • Do not be harsh on your body.
  • Plan a cheat meal but with limitations.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you face any difficulty in your weight loss plan.


Dress size is not a parameter to know how much weight to lose because sizes vary from brand to brand. It depends on your body type and BMI. If you are overweight, focus on losing the weight range of a healthy BMI. Do not forget that you are the most crucial person in your life. Take care of your mental, physical as well as emotional health.

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