Crush Your Cravings: Best Starbucks Drinks For Weight Watchers

Shedding off those extra pounds can be an uphill battle. It becomes more arduous when you have to forego your favorite edibles and drinks. But what if we revealed that you could savor your preferred Starbucks beverages without derailing your weight loss goals? Yes, you read that right. Starbucks has an array of low-calorie and low-point drinks that are ideal for individuals watching their weight.

In this write-up, we will divulge the finest Starbucks beverages for weight watchers that you can indulge in without any remorse. So, let's dive in.

Understanding Weight Watchers and Starbucks Drinks

The Weight Watchers program allocates points to edibles and beverages based on their nutritional content, such as sugar, saturated fat, protein, fiber, and calorie content. The goal is to stay on track within your daily point limit while still enjoying your favorite foods and drinks fabulously.

Starbucks offers various drinks, from coffee to tea to frappuccinos. Some Starbucks drinks can be high in points, but you can still relish your favorite beverages with a few modifications.

Best Starbucks Drinks For Weight Watchers

Treat yourself to these tasty Starbucks beverages that won't derail your progress, including:

1.  Brewed Coffee

Brew coffee is a great option if you enjoy coffee. It gives you the much-needed caffeine boost to start your day and is minimal in calories and points. You can add a dash of milk or sugar-free syrup to improve the flavor without adding extra calories.

SmartPoints Value: 0-1

2.  Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is a refreshing beverage that you can sip on during the summer months. It renders the much-needed caffeine boost to keep you energized throughout the day and is minimal in calories and points. You can make it flavorful by adding sugar-free syrup or a dash of milk.

SmartPoints Value: 0-1

3.  Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew has few calories and reward points. The drink has a smoother, less bitter taste since it is created by steeping coffee grinds in cold water for a long time. You may add a splash of milk or sugar-free syrup to make it flavorsome.

SmartPoints Value: 0-1

4.  Caffe Americano

Another Starbucks beverage that is low in calories and great for weight watchers is the Caffe Americano. It is a fantastic choice for individuals who prefer a stronger coffee flavor. It is created by mixing hot water with espresso shots. Depending on your taste buds or points, you can increase or reduce the number of shots.

SmartPoints Value: 0-1

5.  Skinny Vanilla Latte

If you want your coffee sweeter, the Skinny Vanilla Latte is the ideal option. It is made with espresso shots, non-fat steamed milk, and sugar-free vanilla syrup, and it is minimal in points and calories.

SmartPoints Value: 2-4

6.  Cappuccino

Cappuccino has low caloric value and can be a great option for weight watchers. The coffee flavor is milder. This is because it combines espresso shots with steamed non-fat milk and a froth coating.

SmartPoints Value: 2-4

7.  Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew is one of the most-liked Starbucks beverages. The caloric value is low and so are the points. It is made by instilling cold brew coffee with nitrogen, which induces a creamy texture and enhances the coffee flavor. If you desire to have more flavor, sugar-free syrup or a splash of milk can do the job.

SmartPoints Value: 0-1

8.  Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato

A fantastic option for something a little more decadent is the Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato. Almondmilk, cinnamon dolce syrup, and espresso are used to make it. Furthermore, it's ideal for folks who desire something sweet and spicy.

SmartPoints Value: 3-4

9.  Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

The Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade can be quite refreshing if you desire something fruity and cool. It is prepared with green tea, lemonade, and flavored with peach. This drink can be enlivening for those sweltering summer days when one craves something sweet, cool, and refreshing.

SmartPoints Value: 2-3

10.  Blonde Caffè Misto

The Blonde Caffè Misto is a great option if you enjoy drip coffee but would want something somewhat creamier. For a genuine drink, it layers equal amounts of brewed blonde roast coffee and steamed milk. This beverage can be ideal for anyone looking for something simple and appetizing.

SmartPoints Value: 3-4

Note:  The SmartPoint value may vary depending on the cup size and the ingredients added to the drink.

Low-Calorie Starbucks Drinks (Below 100 Cals)

If you're looking for low-calorie Starbucks drinks, here are a few drinks that you can consider:

  • Brewed tea – 0 calories
  • Espresso – less than 5 calories per shot
  • Brewed coffee – 5-10 calories (may vary depending on the size)
  • Short Americano – less than 10 calories
  • Caffè Americano – 10 calories
  • Iced Coffee with Almondmilk – 25 calories
  • Cold brew with nonfat milk – 25-60 calories (may vary depending on the size)
  • Iced coffee with sugar-free syrup – 5-30 calories (depending on the size and syrup flavor)
  • Iced tea with sugar-free syrup – 5-30 calories (depending on the size and syrup flavor)
  • Caffè Misto with Almondmilk – 35 calories
  • Short Cappuccino with Almondmilk – 60 calories
  • Short Skinny vanilla latte with Almondmilk – 60 calories
  • Tall Iced skinny mocha with nonfat milk – 70 calories
  • Caffè Latte with Almondmilk – 80 calories
  • Skinny Vanilla Latte with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup – 90 calories

It's worth mentioning that adding any additives, such as artificial sweeteners, syrups, and whipped or flavored creams, can increase the caloric value significantly. You can go through Starbucks' beverage nutrition information to make healthful choices.

Weight Watchers Point System For Starbucks Drinks

Weight Watchers provides a program called myWW which assigns a SmartPoints value to different foods and drinks based on their nutritional content. Here are some popular Starbucks drinks and their corresponding SmartPoints values:

Starbucks DrinksBlue PlanPurple PlanGreen Plan
Caffe Americano 0 0 0
Cold-brew or iced coffee (without milk) 0 0 0
Royal English Breakfast Tea 0 0 0
Mint Majesty 0 0 0
Peach Tranquility 0 0 0
Jade Citrus Mint® Brewed Tea 0 0 0
Teavana® shaken iced white tea 1 1 1
Flat white with Almondmilk 2 2 2
Iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte 2 2 2
Cappuccino with nonfat milk 2 2 2
Caffe latte with nonfat milk 4 4 4
Teavana® shaken iced passion Tango tea lemonade 4 4 4
Teavana® shaken iced green tea lemonade 4 4 4
Vanilla latte with nonfat milk 7 7 7
Earl grey tea latte with soy milk 7 7 7
Caramel macchiato with nonfat milk 7 7 7
Chai tea latte with nonfat milk 8 8 8
Iced green tea latte with nonfat milk 8 9 9
Mocha Frappuccino with nonfat milk (without whip cream) 10 10 10

It's important to note that the SmartPoints values may vary depending on the specific Weight Watchers program you are following and the serving size of the drink. Furthermore, adding extras such as whipped cream, syrups, or flavored creams can increase the SmartPoints value significantly.

Tips For Making Healthier Choices

Apart from the above drinks, Starbucks offers several other more calorie-friendly options. Here are a few basic tips that you might want to consider for making healthier Starbucks choices:

  • Skip The Whipped Cream: Most Starbucks drinks include whipped cream, which increases the number of calories and sugar in your beverage. To lower the calorie count, request your drink without whipped cream.
  • Choose Sugar-Free Syrups: Vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut syrups, among others, are available at Starbucks. Choose sugar-free additives or zero calorie syrup to lower your beverage's calories and sugar content.
  • Use Non-Dairy Milk: If you are intolerant to lactose or a vegan, you can opt for non-dairy milk alternatives. You can choose soy, almond, or coconut milk, among other non-dairy options that Starbucks offers.
  • Size Matters: Your drink's calorie count may be considerably impacted by its size. Choose a tall size rather than a Grande or Venti size to cut calories.

Success Stories

There are many people who have successfully lost weight while still enjoying Starbucks drinks as part of their diet.

  • Katie, a blogger at Runs for Cookies, lost over 125 pounds while still enjoying Starbucks drinks. She often orders a non-fat latte or a skinny vanilla latte, which are lower in calories and sugar.
  • Sarah, a member of the Weight Watchers community, has lost over 50 pounds and still enjoys Starbucks drinks. She recommends ordering a tall non-fat latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup and cinnamon on top.
  • Kristin, a registered dietitian and blogger at Nutrition Connection, lost over 40 pounds while still enjoying Starbucks drinks. She often orders a tall skinny mocha or a tall non-fat cappuccino.
  • Wendy, a member of the MyFitnessPal community, has lost over 100 pounds and still enjoys Starbucks drinks as part of her diet. She recommends ordering a tall skinny latte with sugar-free syrup and no whipped cream.

These are just a few examples of people who have successfully incorporated Starbucks drinks into their weight loss journey. The key is choosing lower-calorie and lower-sugar options, such as non-fat or alternative milk options, sugar-free syrup, and smaller sizes. It's also important to track the SmartPoints or calories in Starbucks drinks using a tracking app or website, such as Weight Watchers or MyFitnessPal, to stay on track with your goals.

Some Hidden Facts:  Why You Might Want To Skip The Hype

Starbucks, the ubiquitous coffee shop chain that needs no introduction, boasts a diverse and extensive menu with plenty of drinks and edibles labeled as “healthy” or “low-calorie.” Nonetheless, if you are watching your weight or maintaining a healthy diet, it is paramount to note that not all options are equally beneficial.

Some of their drinks are laden with sugar and calories. At the same time, certain food items are replete with unhealthy fats and an egregious amount of sodium. Hence, it behooves you to be vigilant and pay close attention to the nutritional information before selecting.

1.  The False Promise of Low-Calorie Drinks

Starbucks sells a variety of beverages that are advertised as having fewer calories or sugar, such as the “skinny” range of drinks. Some beverages might not be as healthful as they seem, though. Several of them contain artificial sweeteners, which may have detrimental impacts on health, including altering the gut microbiota and inducing sugar cravings.

Furthermore, some research indicates that taking artificial sweeteners may result in weight gain since the body may later consume more calories as a form of retaliation.

2.  The Role of Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks are stimulants that can increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. However, consuming too much caffeine can induce adverse effects like sleeplessness, headaches, and anxiety.

Several Starbucks beverages have high amounts of caffeine in them. Frequently sipping on these beverages can make it difficult to control overall caffeine consumption and might even hinder your weight loss efforts.

3.  The Hidden Hazards of Syrups and Sauces

Starbucks employs a myriad of flavored syrups and sauces in crafting their beverages, which may contain added sugar or artificial flavors. These additives can potentially exacerbate issues with weight gain and other health-related ailments such as inflammation and insulin resistance.

Some flavored sweeteners added to the drinks may also contain high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). HFCS has been linked to various health concerns, including increased risk of obesity, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and fatty liver.

4.  The Issue with “Healthy” Additions

As a concession to health-conscious consumers, Starbucks provides various “healthy” additions to their drinks, such as almond milk or protein powder. Although these may appear to be prudent choices for those focused on weight management, they can also contribute to an increased calorie and sugar intake in one's beverage.

For instance, almond milk often contains added sugar or other supplements. Frequently consuming beverages with almond milk can promote weight gain. Similarly, protein powder may contain artificial flavors or sweeteners, and consuming these in any form can negatively affect health.

5.  The Cost of Convenience

The price tag of Starbucks beverages is one of its main drawbacks for weight watchers. These beverages can be pricey; therefore, many people might not have the money to purchase them frequently. Several Starbucks beverages are also calorie-dense and may not be filling, which can encourage subsequent overeating.

6.  The Importance of Mindful Eating

The best approach is to maintain a balanced diet and practice mindful eating to help control your weight. While grabbing a fancy Starbucks beverage may be tempting, these beverages cannot replace a balanced meal. You can achieve your weight loss goals by concentrating on complete, nutrient-dense foods and engaging in mindful eating practices.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of options available at Starbucks for those following the Weight Watchers program. There's something for everyone, from zero-point options like Cold Brew Coffee and Caffè Americano to indulgent choices like the Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato. Remember to make smart choices, watch your portion sizes, and enjoy your drinks in moderation.

Remember, even low-point beverages can add up if you're consuming them frequently. Be sure to track your intake and enjoy these drinks in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


Q. Are Starbucks drinks high in calories?

A. Not all Starbucks drinks are high in calories. Starbucks offers a variety of low-calorie and low-point beverages that are perfect for weight watchers.

Q. Can I add sugar-free syrup to my Starbucks drink?

A. Yes. You can add sugar-free syrup to your Starbucks drink to enhance the flavor without adding extra calories. Starbucks offers a variety of sugar-free syrups that are perfect for weight watchers.

Q. Are all Starbucks drinks suitable for weight watchers?

A. Not all Starbucks drinks are suitable for weight watchers. Some Starbucks drinks are high in calories and points, which can sabotage your weight loss goals. However, Starbucks offers a variety of low-calorie and low-point beverages that are perfect for weight watchers.

Q. How can I make my Starbucks drink low in calories and points?

A. You can make your Starbucks drink low in calories and points by choosing non-fat milk, sugar-free syrups, and skipping the whipped cream. You can also opt for smaller sizes and ask for fewer pumps of syrup to reduce the calorie and point count.

Q. Can I have a Frappuccino on Weight Watchers?

A. Yes. You can have a Frappuccino on Weight Watchers, but choosing the right type is essential. Opt for a tall-sized, light Frappuccino with only 100 calories and five grams of fat.

Q. Are Starbucks Refreshers good for weight watchers?

A. Yes, Starbucks Refreshers are an excellent option for weight watchers. They are low in calories and sugar and come in several flavors, such as strawberry acai, mango, and dragon fruit.







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