Best Self Care Blog: Why Smiley’s Points Is The Best Self Care Blog?

Self-care is a key to a healthy and happy life. It makes your mind and body calm and fit. When you lack a fit body and a healthy mind, you give invitations to innumerable diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc. If you want to live a life with full enthusiasm and a positive approach, you need to prioritize your health and yourself. So what to do? Go to a highly paid gym? Take self-care classes? Join healthy cooking classes? Well, the answer is NO.

Features of Smileys Points

You don’t have to do all those things that can cost you a lot. The only thing you need to do is read a blog that can guide you in your self-care. You might get confused about which blog to follow? Which blog contains all the information related to self-care (recipes, fitness tips, weight loss or gain exercises, self-care tips, motivation, etc.)

What if I tell you I have one wonderful and best self-care blog for you? It has articles that are very useful for beginners as well as experts. The name of the blog is SMILEYS POINTS. 

This article will share all the valid reasons why Smileys Points is the best self-care blog. So, grab a coffee or tea, sit on your cozy sofa, read this article, and enjoy.

Loads of weight loss recipes

Losing weight and being fit is a priority of every American. They go to gyms, exercise heavily, skip tasty foods and consume healthy but tasteless food or the food that makes your daily ritual dull and unexciting. But to lose weight, you do not have to compromise with yummy and tasty foods. You just need to know what are those amazing recipes that can help you in your weight loss process.

Smileys Points is a self-care blog where you can find healthy and tasty recipes that promote weight loss and fat loss. The recipes are easy to cook and bake. Even the beginner can become an expert in cooking those delicious and healthy recipes with the help of Smileys Points blog articles.

On this website, you will find different kinds of foods categorized as Low carb recipes, Low bite recipes, weight loss breakfast, carb-conscious foods, weight loss dinners or meals, low point desserts, ninja foods, soups for diets, sugar-free desserts, vegan or vegetarian special, vegetable content recipes, non-vegan dishes and many more. 

Some names of the weight loss recipes are Shrimp skewer with Garlic-lime marinade, lemon drill parchment salmon, onion and spinach strata, cheesy spinach, and artichoke stuffed spaghetti squash, etc.

Smileys Points also advise you on some juicy and flavourful smoothies that help you lose weight. Kale recharge smoothie, peanut butter blueberry banana smoothie, green spirulina smoothie, apple cinnamon smoothie, etc., are common and healthy smoothies.

This blog not only focuses on the ingredients and methods of the recipes but also guides you on how much you need to consume in a day, week, or month. Smileys Points make sure you know all the benefits and disadvantages before consuming or making these recipes part of your weight loss journey.

When you eat these recipes, you will feel that your life is unique and important, and it deserves love. This little happiness will make your weight loss journey smooth and exciting. You can also make these mouthwatering edibles on your regular days, even if you do not have any plans for weight loss.

Different forms of weight loss exercises

Every human being is different. Their body types, body size, and body mass index are different. Therefore exercises vary accordingly. Suppose if Person A wants to lose belly fat, and Person B wants to make abs, how both can achieve their weight loss goals by doing the same exercise. 

It is not possible to accomplish a weight loss journey with one type of weight loss. SmileysPoints has worked on these factors and divided the categories of exercise with their advantages and disadvantages in the body. We have also mentioned the exercises by categorizing them into Body size, mass, weight, and BMI. No person will face any issue while choosing their exercise because SmileysPoints clarify to readers about their body and what type of routine will suit their weight loss journey.

SmileysPoints has categorized exercises as flat belly stomach exercise, exercise for debloating exercises, exercise for a smaller waist, home workouts, High-intensity training, best form of cardio, etc.

Every form of exercise information is highly and deeply researched, well-explained, and easy to read. From Beginners to experts, everyone can read and understand the Smileys Points blogs without getting stuck.

With the help of Smileys Points, you can get the body shape you desire.

Different types of Diet

To lose weight, you need to take care of his exercise routine and intake of daily calories. The different diets are a low-carb diet, keto diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, gluten-free diet, Mediterranean diet, ultra-low fat diet, and many more. 

When you browse different diet routines on several websites, your mind starts to juggle and become confused. On some websites, you get to know the names; in others, their benefits, uses, and many more. SmileysPoints self-care blog is loaded with information and facts about diet routines. Each diet plan is explained and detailed in brief. 

You will learn about the popular diet routines, their benefits, exercises that need to be done, the number of calories to consume in a day, when not to eat, and many other facts on a single platform. The simple language of this blog makes it outstanding. Everything is explained so easily that you will forget to visit any other website.

Instant pot recipes

In today's modern era, we have come across many changes, whether it comes to study, fitness, or cooking. Instant pots are electric cookers/appliances that make your food ready in a minute. With the use of these pots, you save electrical energy and cook your food full of nutrition. 

SmileysPoints self-care blog also has a place where you find some unique and healthy instant pot recipes. These small kitchen appliances and SmileysPoints pot recipes will help save your time for yourself and your fitness. Indirectly, it benefits your weight loss journey. 

You might crave to eat some luscious food on your busy days, but you all just ignore it and wait for weekends. But Smileys Points recipes will make your life easier and happier with their instant pot recipes. Whether it's pasta or lasagna, you don’t have to worry because these instant recipes will not make you tired; instead, you will feel proud of yourself for cooking those healthy and weight loss recipes without consuming extra time.

Some instant pot recipes are Crock Pot lasagna, classic chicken noodle soup, cinnamon pear applesauce, rice and bean healthy delight, apple cinnamon oats, etc.

A motivational blog to keep going

Life cannot be the same every day. You have to face ups and downs, highs and lows, failure and success. When you plan for your weight loss journey or aim to take care of yourself, in the beginning, you must be following your daily rituals with excitement and high willpower. After some days, you get bored or don’t feel like sticking to your plans. You feel tired, demotivated, and discouraged. 

SmileysPoints self-care blog will help you keep motivated and encourage you to accomplish your goals. The success stories of others will inspire you and not let you fail. It helps you to be committed to your goal no matter what goes in your life. 

This self-care blog will help you discover yourself. It will help you know what you lack in your journey, where you are going wrong, where you need to work hard, etc. SmileysPoints make you realize why you chose to lose weight. It is a great website that will make you fall in love with yourself. This website also provides many tips to make yourself recharged, refreshed, and active throughout the day.

For holidays and parties, drinks, dessert, and recipes. 

Holidays are the favorite part of life. It relaxes your mind, body, and soul. It acts as a stress buster and helps you view the world with optimism. Whether it is Christmas eve, birthday parties, small gatherings, or holidays, it soothes you and brings you closer to your loved ones. 

With the help of  Smileys Points self-care blog, you can make your holidays and parties enjoyable with their homemade drinks, dessert, and yummy recipes. One can easily plan a get-together without tension about what to order for food or beverages. The self-care blog will assist you in making these recipes in one go and in less time. 

Some delicious recipes and incredible drinks from Smileys Points are blackberry blue mojito, pink grapefruit martini, hot chocolate, spiked eggnogs floats, etc.

Gardening Suggestion

Self-care does not mean only being physically fit and healthy. It also intends you to be mentally fit. For self-care, you can read books, go to classes or do the things you love.

Smileys Points motivate you to be close to nature. 

Gardening is one of the activities to calm yourself and involve in a green and refreshing moment. You can also help yourself eat organic and natural fruits and vegetables. When you consume self-planted fruits and vegetables, you get to know the real taste as in the market, there are varieties of hybrid products. 

SmileysPoints self-care blog gives you information about gardening. With this blog, you can learn how to plant different fruits, vegetables, trees, and plants in a small area. You do not need to keep a gardener to help with these. 

The blog will inform you of every basic detail in a website that you need to know. You can also learn the difference between heirlooms and hybrids. With the help of gardening, you will also contribute to nature and protect the earth from being polluted. 

SmileysPoints self-care blog provides you with enormous knowledge to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Unique Self-care, Independent living, and relationship tips 

To maintain a healthy relationship with your inner self, your family, children, and partner self-care acts as an effective tool. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the self-care tips of Smileys Points are beneficial. Smiley's Points provides easy and practical advice that women and men can quickly adapt. Every age of people can apply it in their lives without getting worried.

Parents can take help from the blog to teach their teens or young adults the basic independent living skills to make their life easier. If you want tips to know what you should look for in a relationship or how to make the relationship work, how to cope with infertility, tooth abscess, stomach aches, or other related information, SmileysPoints self-care blog will solve all your doubts and give you amazing tips.


Smileys Points is a great self-care website to make your life worth living. It helps you smile from within yourself with no fakeness. It inspires you to overcome all obstacles smoothly.  Smileys Points features are:

  • Highly researched and deep informative blog posts
  • Easy to read and understand
  • One blog with a bunch of weight loss related knowledge
  • Varieties of healthy dishes
  • Holidays and parties, drinks and recipes
  • Well-organized, well-explained, and articulated articles
  • Self-care tips to make life full of happiness and excitement.
  • Relationship ideas to make healthy and strong bonds with partners
  • Different forms of exercises, diets, and recipes for weight loss
  • Independent living tips for teens and young adults

Final Words 

Smileys Points is the best and most fantastic self-care blog. It has all the valuable information which every reader wants to know. So it is time for you to subscribe and get notified of stunning content from them every time they post on the site. 

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